Sunday, March 13, 2011

Cruising along ....


Outside my window...

I am thankful for... today being Labour Day holiday
From the kitchen... time to think about some brekky & a cuppa outside
I am wearing... pink PJs
I am creating... time - aren't I clever! but I am making an effort with this months OLW assignment to find 'release' time for me
I am going... to sit and read today ... can't wait!
I am reading... lots of forms to enrol Hugh in secondary school
I am hoping... to regain my equilibrium this week
I am hearing... everyone talking on team speak and the birds outside
Around the house... everyone is on a computer ... we really must get outside!
One of my favorite things... this months One Little Word Assignment
A few plans for the rest of the week... holiday today, and a PD day on Wednesday - I only have to teach two days this week!

You can join the simple woman's daybook where every day is a blank page..... and participate in creating a list of the simple things and every day moments of our daily lives.

Den has introduced me to this fabulous app. We are really into digital radio and this is wonderful, it syncs with my ipad and lap top and there are thousands of stations to listen to.

I just love this tea as well ... its just so refreshing and wonderful and makes a nice change from my usual peppermint or chamomile.

Now time to share my Project 52 shots:

Den making some solar projects with the children last weekend. I love how he takes such an interest and tries so hard.

This shot below I used as my P52 photo:

Katie cracks me up .... she wanted the matching headband to her bracelet ... I said maybe next time. Unbeknowns to me she went to her father ... who ... instantly said "yes". Such a girl and he loves to indulge her so. It is very pretty and Den loves to fulfill her girly dreams.

Hughis is heavily into 'minecraft' - its a bit like lego online! Only better! He gets so inspired to be creative and now has little sister into it as well.

This shot below was my Project photo:

Football training has started once again. First match is in April. Hugh could not get his feet in last years boots. I liked the orange ... will go well with his jumper!

Finally a shot from today. I am working on a kit for Pickleberrypop called 'my hero my brother' - very aptly suits my two. Chonk idolises her brother!


Romy said...

fabulous pictures, Helen, especially the Project Photo!!

MariaT said...

lol..I love that Katie just and asked Den for the matching piece. Little girls and their daddys :)

Lulutoo said...

I love your photos, Helen! The story about the matching bracelet is too funny. She'll go far in life, no doubt. ;) (Very pretty accessories, BTW.) And those are some stellar soccer shoes your son got! You really gave me a smile this morning when I read your post. Thanks for sharing! :)

margote05 said...

Your photos are always so magnificent!!! Really, every time I discover it a I say myself: wouwwwwwww ;)
Katie already knows well what she has to make to obtain what she wishes;) she will go far to the life lol Beautiful week to you and to your small family! Hugs

Amy said...

Hey Helen- Hope you're feeling better!

Yummers! said...

I'm so excited about a new tea. Now I have to go on a hunt for it in our stores. Lipton is a popular brand but I havent seen that flavor. Sounds like it would make good ice tea in the Summer!

I love that Katie has her Daddy wrapped around her little finger.

salamandre said...

Helen, I love all your pictures! Just WOW!!!
Hope you're feeling better, mon amie ;-)

Sue said...

I can't believe I'm only just reading this today ... beautiful photos Helen, I reckon your new nickname for Chonk she be minx, she's obviously got Den sussed! By the time you're reading this, I'm guessing that the football session has already started ... so I hope Hugh has a good one this year xoxo

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