Sunday, February 27, 2011

In a good place right now ...


Outside my window... a rainy front but after yesterdays brilliant sunshine I can't complain?
I am thankful for... feeling really content with my lot right at this point in time
From the kitchen... got to get up and clean up after our traditional cooked Sunday brekky
I am wearing... pink PJs
I am creating... cookies with Katie later ... she has been working on her 'restaurant' in one of her Itouch apps ... now she wants the real deal! LOL!
I am going... to sit and read today ... can't wait!
I am reading... the second book in a fabulous series (see sidebar)
I am hoping... the sun will come out later and I can go outside and read then walk
I am hearing... Den's latest digital radio station ... bird noises! LOL!
Around the house... Katie is beside me (surprise surprise) and the boys have gone to kick the footy - in the rain!
One of my favorite things... my good attitude, a new CT and a great book
A few plans for the rest of the week... footy training starts again for Hugh this week! Ho hum.

You can join the simple woman's daybook where every day is a blank page..... and participate in creating a list of the simple things and every day moments of our daily lives.

Firstly I would like to share with you all my pages for the February Assignment from One Little Word (see side bar). I truly believe that this regular monthly reminder is really helping with my continued positive outlook in all I have to do on a daily basis. This month we had to take photos of our one word. Here are my pages. (I am still using Joanne Brisebois photo pockets and NatashaNaSt kits to enhance the look)

Ali recommended maybe one photo would stand out for you. It did and using Nina's template I had to scrap my wonderful necklace.

Being part of the Oscraps CheeryO team I do have access to such a range of wonderful designer goodies. One of them is Zuzana! I *heart* her creations so much. I could not pass up the opportunity to go on her CT team this week for if she were ever to leave Oscraps I would be devestated! Click here to go and view her gorgeous products!

Here are some pictures I am sharing ...

My P52 selections for the past couple of weeks:

Katie has returned to dancing and could not be happier about that (thanks Jodie!)

I told Den not to buy flowers on Valentines Day ... so he sent them to work the next day!

Hugh ... he really is so very responsible.

I will miss the days when a bowl of water will not keep Katie amused for hours!

The homework saga! It's never really been a battle until this year. But I think its partly a lack of his organisational skills. For when I sat down with him and help to set it out, he was off like a rocket and we were both proud of the end results.

Scrap pages over the past couple of weeks. Click here for all credits.


Amy said...

Great stuff Helen. Glad it's all falling into place! I can't beleive how big the kiddoes are getting!
have a great week!

margote05 said...

I like very much reading your list. I have the impression that you are closer to me;) I like enormously your front page with photo in N*B as well as that with your necklace. And your photos are really sublime. Katie is very beautiful. I had seen the photo where it plays with the water on FB but the first one is really very beautiful also. Good week and I hope that the sun is going to shine;) Hughs

Jane said...

Thanks for stoppin by my blog Helen.,'re the sweetest! I love your "One Little Word" assignment...gorgeous work and I LOVE all the photos..what pretty flowers Den sent!! Oh, and your new header is amazing!!! Have a good one my friend!

MariaT said...

Sounds like you're living the good life at the moment. Good for you! Photos are beautiful as always, kids are adorable as always, hubby sounds wonderful as always :) Although I for some reason cannot stand the sound of birds chirping so I would get rid of that station for him. Enjoy your reading and scrapping my friend!

Lulutoo said...

I loved reading your list, Helen. It made me feel peaceful like you. :)

JetjeZ said...

Love the photos and that one of the necklace, wow!

And you have great taste in movies, me & my girls adored Tangled and that owl movie I keep forgetting the name of!

Val said...

just to send love, sweetie.
I this good to read you,
congrats on the CT, her stuff are amazing! love your shot ... well you know it right?

FYI : wordverification is Besky.
Be the sky your limit sweetie, it s SO well deserved

BearFamily said...

Wow, love that photo and page about your necklace, it looks like an advertisement from a magazine, so cool !!! And what a beautiful flower you've got, Roland never buys flowers for Valentine, because the price is double of the usual, if you buy one day later you pay half price, lol.

Made in Jersey said...

what? no tan trecky's! den is such a sweetheart! you gotta love that, and a bowl of water, yes, that used to keep me busy too. have a great week. (what's left of it!)

Yummers! said...

The lists are fun to read! Neat insight into a person's life.

I'm anxious to go over to Amazon and look for the first book in the series. I love book suggestions!

Great photos!!

I'd like to hear about the 'snake incident' (read on facebook)

Zizazzi said...

OMG helen our picts are so beautiful !! and your last LO are goegeous as always ! you are so talentful ... you can make C&S Lo and fantasy LO and non photo LO ... just like that !! and all beautiful !!! grrr I'm a bit jealous ;-)

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