Saturday, September 25, 2010

One week down and one to go ...

The first week of holidays complete and I am very happy with what we did NOT do! LOL! We did not travel far or wide and we did very little that required us to get out of our jammies! Got to love that. We did a couple of free activities at our local shopping centre - painting terra cotta pots, decorating cup cakes and making football paraphernalia (see photo below) Other than that a Subway lunch and hair cuts was about as exciting as it got. My kids must be so like me, they had no complaints. Home sweet home.

Today was the Australian Rules Football Grand Final. And even though our team was not in it, we supported the 'underdog' (a very Australian thing to do) especially when the opposition is the most dreaded team in the league - well their supporters are. Hugh and his neighbour friend delighted in a pre match kick and wrestle! Can you believe it was a draw and we have to go through all this pain again next week. That decision needs some serious reconsideration.

One thing I did accomplish this week was to play some games with the children. They wait all day and it is the highlight of their day. Makes me feel real bad that I don't do it more often. These holidays is was 'snakes and ladders' and 'ono' and 'cluedo'. We had some family fun. It's been many years since I played "Mrs Peacock in the Dining Room with the dagger" - LOL - Hugh loved it.

The rumpus room became a 'mess' .... ah, sorry ... construction site as Katie assembled the train set, the farm set and the car set to make a mega city. And best of all, I did not make her pack up! Heaven! Both Hugh and Katie have played each day really nicely together in their imaginery town.

Onto scrapping this week.... please click on all images for credits.

Well my style of scrapping can never really be defined ... I will try anything. I love that.

At Matrioshki this week Katya released this fabulous Safari kit that bought back memories of my time in Africa and I just had to scrap about that.

Dawn Inskip has bought her store to Matrioshki, her kits are always fun and so was making this page:

Over at Oscraps Liz of Paislee Press released this FREE template ... makes scrapping a breeze when design is so elegantly decided for you.

Finally I just had to try these stunning overlays from a new designer at Oscraps "ZuzanaH". They are stunning and just perfect for this challenge set by Kat this month - the Ostash.

Well I intend to lay back and make the most of my second week's break. See you on the other side!


margote05 said...

I see that you took advantage well of your first week of holidays;) I either I did not play games with the children a lot. And I felt bad also. But we have so things to be made and so not enough time for our leisure activities;) as usual of magnificent photos and pages with a very favorite for the page with the template of Paislee Press;) the Good second week of holidays!!!

Nini said...

Sounds like my kind of holiday! I brought me memories of playing "clue" with my ds some years ago....
Your photos are amazing as always and so are your layouts! I love the one of Katie with Zuzana's overlay!
have a great second week of holiday!

MariaT said...

I am so jealous of your lazy week. We were suppose to have a relaxing weekend for a change, but then the boys got last minute tickets to the college football game and Bella and I had a party. So I came home exhausted and ready for a relaxing day tomorrow when Casey informs me that we are invited to go pick up a new power wheel for the kids at his dad's...another busy day. Kick your feet up for me :)

Sue said...

Hey Helen,

OK what gives? Posting on a Saturday just confuses me. I'm a person who THRIVES on routine. LOL!!!! But I'm guessing it's because you're heading out to the beach soon, so you're forgiven.

Glad to hear you've had a week of doing not very much at all ... sometimes just being at home is all we need, right?

Hope you all have a fabulous 2nd week of your break, let the fresh air blow away those winter cobwebs OK?

Take care my friend ... until next SUNDAY (LOL!!!!)


Ange said...

what a nice week ! Enjoy your 2nd week... I LOVE your photos and pages, as always. xoxo

Leah. said...

I so love seeing what you are up to! The photos are great. We have that exact same train set. I wish Joseph played with it more :(


BearFamily said...

Ohhh Helen, you always make me sooo jealous with your FREE activity's everywhere, send some free activity's overhere, I think the word "free" is not in the Dutch dictionary, lol. Love Hugh's new hair look, looks great on him!!! We also never play board games either, I don't like them and so does Roland, Keanu is not interested in it right now, I tried some domino and memory with him, but he has no attention. My parents also didn't play games when I was little, so probably that's the reason why I don't play.

Zizazzi said...

as usual I love our photo here .. and you LO are just stunning the last one and the one with liz template are just gorgeous !!

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