Thursday, September 30, 2010

The week that was ...

Blogging mid week! I must be on holidays - and reveling in confusing my dear Oxford friend, Sue! No ... seriously, I have so much to share of our week (still away!) and I have a HUGE weekend to come starting with a humungus pile of washing then: Saturday is the Grand Final replay and Sunday someone is turning 50 and it sure ain't me! But we have a wonderful lunch planned so you see Sue, I really don't know what condition I will be in come the week's end ;) Also, I am mentally preparing myself for a return to work and four days a week which may 'do me in' but I am up for the next 11 weeks....I think?

This blog post is purely to tell of the magical time we have had away - a story in photos of course! I have MUCH scrapping news with LOADS of news but I may do another mid week blog come next week filled with just that digi scrap news. For now ...

Cowes, Phillip Island is our favoured destination because

it just makes me want to do a happy dance to be away!

and some days the weather was perfect for dipping ones toes

or really letting loose in kicking the footy

it really was a hint hopefully of the summer to come

I am spoilt to just sit on the sand and click away ... who needs a book?

one must simply JUMP for joy!

for there is just so much to do in building a city

the weather was so good we were down to our undies (or at least the kids were!)

cooler days took us to the playground

I will treasure the days that my children wrote love letters in the sand to me

the bakery became a huge fave for morning tea 'fun buns'

here is Phillip ... one clever seagull who would return for his daily feed

and this fella above, the Australian kookaburra was my unwanted morning alarm! If you have never heard this native bird they are REALLY LOUD especially at 6am!

Not having a dishwasher, heaven forbid, we were back to the old wash and dry by hand *gasp*. What is this Mum? A tea towell. What fun ... she gets to dry the dishes and wants to do it more often!! LOL!

Team work was required for the flying fox.

but we made sure to take time and smell the flowers.

We must always dine at the famous 'Harry's' but this time there is a great story to go with it. This particular incident will be retold in an upcoming scrap page! It is a real hoot!

rainbow ice creams all round!

the children delighted in the ol' fashioned card games - who would be the 'Old Maid'?

We ventured to the Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit where there was the hilarious Hancock family slot car race!

We all - ALL - had a go-kart race - the children going tandem - Katie and I 'girl power' came a very worthy last! Den could not hold back and had to go round by himself and full pace.

Finally my girl got her wish again to go for a pony ride. Can you see her smile ... "why do you like pony riding Katie?" ... "because I look good!"
Thank you for taking the time to share in our holiday.


Sue said...

Hey Helen,

OK, so now the whole world(!) realises how easily confused I get. I thought that was just our little secret. LOL!!!

Where to start with the holiday snaps? Well ... it looks like those cobwebs are well & truly gone! Katie & Hugh are too cute with the whole "love letters to mum" in the sand and I bet you didn't even have to ask them to do it, right? But what gives with BLUE ice-cream??? Who in the world came up with that idea??? Just look at the colour of Katie's tongue ... it's wrong, just WRONG. LOL!!!

I'm really looking forward to seeing / reading more about your holiday in your LO's. Your photos & stories always tug at my heart-strings.

I hope you have a fantastic weekend (once the washing's done of course!). I assume it's Den's big birthday bash(?), so I hope you have a wonderful party! Just watch out for all those flying / popping champagne corks OK!!!

Until next time (I can’t say “next Sunday” anymore can I?!?!) … enjoy the rest of your holiday!!!


Nini said...

Love every time you tell a story pausing to show us a wonderful photo to illustrate it!!!

Can't wait to see some more photos in your layouts, specially those wonderful 'letters to mum' ones!! *sigh*

What flavor is the blue ice cream? Here in the US it's usually bubblegum!! Yum!!

Take care my friend and we 'see' each other around...



MariaT said...

oh that looks like so much fun packed in to the last week of holiday. i just adore those photos you took, particularly katie's skirt blowing near the water, hugh kicking like a pro, and the sand writing :)

kym said...

You captured me through your wonderful journaling and photos. What a wonderful holiday! Have a marvelous weekend, hope it is not as hectic as it sounds. I can't wait to see your next mid week post - new things, possibly at the O? I'm so curious, how about a little peek or hint?


Lenore said...

Totally terrific pictures, Helen!! Loved being able to share in your wonderful time away! Looks like everyone had lots of fun and must have returned rejuvinated!! Ah, to visit the beach once's been a long time for us! Thanks for sharing!!

katg1006 said...

Oh Helen!!! I adore all your photos and I am so glad you had a fab time! The love letters in the sand *Sigh* Adore your little ones!!

Val said...

ho helen....

Love teh whole thing, and gosh, your shot are ... fab! love the letter tomum thing, and... the last lines.
Please tell Katie,, that looks good why drying dishes ;-)

you are amazing.

margote05 said...

Helen, your photos are just fantastic! Really! I feast! And to see the sun which you have, that makes the good! Here the autumn settles down with the wind, the rain and the cold! I am nostalgic holidays. Good courage for the resumption of work!!!! Good weekend to you all

Anonymous said...

So much fun! Love that you share your adventures with us!

Jane said...

oh man...what a group of excellent photo Helen!! It looks like you guys had a great time and I am a little jealous you are moving into Spring as we are moving into Fall Oh well!!!

Jacqueline said...

late but did so enjoy this week (or mid-week) blog... the photos wonderful esp loved the first ones of Katie dancing on the beach - looks like you had a wonderful time - family time - family fun - it doesn't get much better than this.
lots of sweets - food, love letters in the sand, games yep "Happy Days"

thanks for sharing - Sue's right your stories tug at heart strings, dear Helen

Leah. said...

So many gorgeous photos! Glad you had a great vacation and birthday for Den :)

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