Sunday, September 19, 2010

Happy Holidays at long last

It's been a busy ten week term so I have happily fallen into a two week term break. Lots and lots of NOTHING planned. Much like our monster cat is doing below! Hugh loves it when Monster sneaks up to his bed.

So yup ... the children and I are just hanging out at home this week and doing loads of relaxing. The children seem as tired as me, Katie is sick (bacterial conjunctivitis and a terrible cough) and Hugh is so like his parents and says "do we have to go out?" So time to just chill ;)

Therefore it was great that today was our BIG outing. Off to the city we went and all these bikes caught my attention. I have never noticed them before and at $2.50 and drop off at various other stations around town, isn't it a great idea!

If only the kids were bigger LOL!

So off we headed. And I just never tire of shots like this one below.

Here is another typical Melbourne shot ... the city circle tram that loops around the city for free.

Where we were off to is right near China Town. Luckily we all adore Asian food and our Japanese lunch was scrumptious!

Finally we arrived at our destination!

I love the theatre ... no .... I ADORE the theatre and Katie is taking after her mother. It was just a fantastic show. The highlight for me was at the very end, sick as she was, Katie was just right into it. She crawled onto my lap for the last dance then encore and she clapped and jigged and bounced on my lap. Den and I just sat back and watched her. A joy to behold.
My smile was HUGE!

(google image - linked for credits)

I just love it that Den immediately thought to commemorate the occasion and bought her this item below. The sweetest charm braclet with little boots, hat, carpet bag and umbrella etc "so she will always remember this day".
Love you Denny!

Onto scrapping this week - please click on all images for credits.
Natali has a wonderful new kit at Matrioshki and she is giving this Quick Page away for FREE on her blog! Isn't it gorgeous!

Still working through Cinzia's amazing bundle ... this one below was fun to do.

Loved this kit from Kathryn Wilson and knew I wanted to journal with it.

Finally Ange has teamed up with none other than Amanda Taylor. It's just gorgeous and I loved using it.

So hopefully after this week I wont be so overwhelmed as the page above describes. I hope you all have a good week ahead.


Amy said...

Gotta love a relaxing week. Enjoy it Helen. You deserve it!

Lenore said...

Love, love, love this post!! Wonderful pics (I love it when you go into Melbourne! Hehehe!) and am so excited that you got to go see Mary Poppins!! One of my absolutely favs, though I've never had a chance to see it on stage....fabulous!!! Hmmm, might have to dig out the movie and watch it again (for the 100+ time!)!!

Enjoy your break from school! Looking forward to seeing what you do to fill the time!! We hope you all find calmness and peace during the next week!!

kym said...

Helen, Reading and seeing your post really makes me want to visit your city. Wow, Mary Poppins! Take care and enjoy the rest of your break.

margote05 said...

I hope that you can rest(base) during these two weeks and especially which Katie is very fast going to cure! She is not lately lucky. Your photos tempt me to visit your small place! Who knows, one day maybe I shall arrive to Australia;) and as usual, your pages are magnificent! Enjoy of your holidays!!!

BearFamily said...

Sorry, but I had to laugh out loud about your photo with the bikes. Last weekend we came across a railway station, and there were about a hunderd bikes parked outside, I just said to Roland, I had to make a photo here and show this typical Dutch view, lol, so by seeing your six bikes and your text; "when I saw ALL these bikes" I really had to laugh about the word "ALL" . Love seeing you and your family walking around the city, I can't believe the tram is for free !!! We never go to musicals, the first and only one I saw was The Lion King, which was awesome I must confess.

Jodie Redman said...

Yay for holidays!! Can you believe we are nearly ready for term 4 - where has that year gone, our girls won't be preppies for much longer! Sounds like Mary Poppins was wonderful - I can't wait to see it!! Love that charm bracelet - very cute! I see you've just watched "Aliens in the Attic" my kids loved that too - they especially like the end when the kids are controlling that guy and he's being silly on the front porch! Have a wonderful holiday break!

MariaT said...

I love cities with great public transportation, but free? That's even better! Sounds like a great show and I hope you have a nice, relaxing week :)

Leah. said...

I wish I could just jump in with Hugh and the cat! We could use a week off and we just started school! EeeK!

I just adore that photo of Katie and Den and that adorable charm bracelet he got her!!! Such a great Daddy!

I'm so glad you got to the theatre and enjoyed it so much :)

Love your scrapping chicky. You make me want to jump in full force again :)


Sue said...

Hey Helen, firstly can I just say that I'm soooooo jealous that Den (+kids obviously) is happy to go to the theatre with you. I live near Oxford & the city has a wonderful theatre that has some AMAZING shows, but I can't get DH to go. Nuh uh, no way Jose ... Gaaah, he drives me nuts sometimes!

London's just started a similar bike scheme, I've not actually used it but it got a lot of publicity when it launched. Anything to reduce the amount of cars in the city is a good thing, right?

Hope you have a great week (or two) off work & doing nothing! Sounds heavenly to me. Just chill out & read a couple of good books.

Take care of yourself & the family. Hope Katie gets better soon.


katell said...

I saw Mary Poppins at Broadway in may!!!! a beautiful memory too :-D (with my husband and our daughters).

Jane said...

I love the pics of Melbourne!!! I would love to go some day :)
your digis are as awesome as ever!!

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