Sunday, September 05, 2010

Father's Day 2010

Today is Father's Day - the first Saturday of every September! The children and I have done our best to help spoil Denis. A new banana lounge, some Guiness and a Dad's bag from the Darrel Lea Chocolate shop. Not to mention the wealth of cards and bits and bobs that have been made and assembled by the children. Den 'ohh" and 'ahh" in all the right places! WTG babe!

In honour of the occasion Katie spontaneously put on this shirt ... another WTG as her reading is obviously improving out of sight and she knew what she was putting on! LOL! But it was a really sweet gesture.

Other than that not much else to report for the day ... I promise you we did give Den a break in the cuisine department and I managed to put togther some scrambled eggs etc for Den (big of me I know LOL!). But nothing keeps him out of the kitchen and here he is whipping up our yummy Sunday lunch and in protest of me taking a photo of it!

I was also thrilled (relieved might be more accurate) when Den offered to help Hugh with his Van Gogh project. A Powerpoint presentation is being put together here I believe.

Scrapping this week - please click on all images for credits.

This page was fun to scrap of Katie having a ball at the beach last June, made so easy by Nina's fabulous template.

Sue F was the inspiration for this page and unknowingly, she also provided me with the FREE template! Thanks Sue!

Mornings are a big rush around here on the days I have to work. I am so busy dressing everyone and getting lunches I often neglect myself. So a couple of days Hugh has made me breakfast - thank you babe!

This page was total fun trip down memory lane inspired by the latest Oscraps collab release "retro".

Finally at Matrioshki a stunning new kit by Komarik as been released and I just love the elements here.

Have a fabulous week everyone!


Sue said...

Happy [belated] Father's day Den and "good on ya Helen" for stepping up to the plate & *gasp* COOKING!!! Now somebody should've taken a photo of you in the kitchen, right?!?!? Katie's choice of t-shirt is just perfect & so stinkin' cute and WTG Hugh for making sure mum gets some nutrition before dashing out the door in the mornings! Glad I was able to provide inspiration (albeit unknown) and I ♥ the way you've used the template ... in fact, I think I prefer your LO to my original. LOL! Hope you have a great week ahead, 'til next Sunday. Hugs, sue.falstaff

Jacqueline said...

Father's Day in Sept - we're celebrating Labour Day so bank holiday weekend.
Looks like Den had a great day -
Your layouts continue to amaze me, dear Helen. even if Sue helped ;)
Especially love the "Captured Memories" unique
Hugs to all and especially big hug to you!

margote05 said...

Happy father day ;)I like katie's T-shirt;) and as always, I am a fan of your pages;) good week Helen!

Lenore said...

Thank you for sharing Den's Father's Day with us! I love Katie's t-shirt and the way you all band together to celebrate the day! I hope you have a great week, Helen!!

Meg B. said...

Aw, good job on the eggs!! My hubby LOVES scrambled eggs, but also like yours, there's no keeping him out of the kitchen!!

BearFamily said...

You have fathersday in september ? We have it in june. I see Den has been spoiled by you all, hehe. Hey, you are listening to Andre Rieu I see, haha, Roland likes it and so does my parents and inlaws, I don't, sorry, lol. Have a great day (we have rain, boohoo)

katell said...

beautiful lo's as...always;-)) my favorite: the game on the beach :-D
In France father's day is in june!

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