Sunday, August 29, 2010

End of more than one season

I am so happy that this week see's the commencement of spring. Although the spring rains do not appeal to me, some more sunshine will be a welcome relief. Some flowers in our yard have started to bloom!

So it was time to get into the garden last weekend. It is always such a family affair as we shredded and 'spreaded' to begin our revamp of the dismal winter garden.

When you capture moments like this, it can only make a mother smile.

Katie adores her brother so much and is his constant shadow.

I have given up 'fighting' with Katie over what she wears at home. She see's nothing wrong with gardening in a ballet outfit! LOL! I mean doesn't everyone pull weeds attired so?

It gets a bit of a problem when the prima donna gets bark in her boot! LOL!

And if you continue to take my photo Mum, then I am just gonna have to pose for you! LOL!

This weekend saw Hugh's end of season football presentation. Every player received an engraved medal (below) with their name and jumper number on it which I thought was rather nice.

And we are very proud to say that Hugh was awarded the Coaches Award for the season. You rock Hughie and we are so proud of you!

Scrapping for the past two weeks - please click on all images for credits.
I tell you I tried SO MANY photos with this amazing template of Amanda's below! This is not what I intended but I was happy with the results when I finally found something to suit.

Ange has a lovely freebie on her blog, that went perfectly with the freebie on Nini's blog! Be sure to check them out.

This page was fun to do for the Oscraps Spotlight on Sally's designs last week.

Sue Cummings has some amazing new kits that make scrapping a breeze!

Matrioshki has some wonderful new kits out! Love this fashion one below:

And this fun kit on 'childhood':

Have a wonderful week everyone!


Sue said...

Hey Helen, good to hear from you! It seems so weird to see daffodils in full bloom in August / September! In fact it's weird just seeing them at all ... for some reason I thought you'd have something more "tropical". LOL!!! I ♥ Katie's style ... only she could get away with gardening in a tutu! Oh my, congrats Hugh! Sound like he had an amazing football season and may I just say he's looking more & more grown up in every photo!!! It's too sweet that he & Katie are such good friends. Hope you're well Helen & life is settled / balanced. It's always my Sunday treat to catch up with you / your life via your blog. I sit here each Sunday morning, with the radio on (BBC Radio 2) and a cuppa tea. My weekend treat! Anyhoo, enough from me ... take care! Hugs, sue.falstaff

Leah. said...

So happy to see spring arriving for you! I know what a relief it is after a long dreary winter :)

Love all the photos and I'm also so happy to see you blogged!!!! Yeah!

Love your scrapping as always chicky. I honestly don't know how you fit it in.

MariaT said...

I never garden in my ballet attire as I prefer my spider man costume ;)

Congrats to Hugh on his end of the season achievements. Enjoy your spring weather!

Amy said...

Spiderman ah Maria? I never garden them I never have to worry about proper attire!
Enjoy your warm up!
Great pictures, as always!

Lenore said...

Your pictures are amazing (as always) this week! Lovin' all the pics of both kids in the garden....they are growing up so!! Katie's ALWAYS had her own personal style.....and who can blame her for wanting to garden in ballet attire, after a week of school uniforms!?!?!! She is "pretty in pink" and perfect out in the garden......puts a smile on my face and a chuckle in my heart!! Had I known that that kind of attire might improve my gardening this summer, I'd have traded in my big, sloppy shirt for a tu-tu!! (Oh, that's a bad image no matter how you view it!!!)

WTG, Hugh!!! His athlectic achievements are awesome!! I know how much he enjoys playing and the team effort!! We are getting ready to start our football league here.....the first time James has particiated, so we're all excited.

Have a lovely week Helen!!

Nichole said...

funny, almost everytime i read your blog, i get that 'familiar' feeling... and this time it was katie... gardening in her ballet outfit... cause of course that's my bella, still.... and i love it.
it's a surreal glimpse of what my life may be like if i lived on the other side of the world... or maybe a futuristic glimpse... since we are starting fall here....

i know, i sound... crazy? sigh, but it is what it is...

hoping your alright... you, your family... ??

Leiko said...

as always your post brings a smile to my face. gardening eh? i DO NOT have the green thumb in my family, that would be the hubby's department, lol! love the photos of the kids...and the scrapping...sigh. i need to get back in the groove. hope all is well, friend. xoxo

margote05 said...

Hello Helen! Mrs here is brought in by holidays and I find finally the time to make the tour of my favorite blogs!!! I crossed(spent) magnificent holidays in Italy! And while the spring comes home, it is the autumn which arrives home! Regrettably, we should still have soft temperatures but taken place of that, we have of the rain, the wind and especially very cold!I regret the sun of Italy;) I have just crossed(spent) a magnificent moment to cross(to go through) your blog! As usual, your pages are magnificent and your photos are sublîmes! I am very satisfied to find you!!!

Nancy said...

it's always nice to see spring arrive isn't it? our summer was so hot, (i think we broke a bunch of records) i can't wait for autumn, i'm tired of the heat. enjoy the nice weather. katie and hugh are really growing big, i love hugh's longer hair! beautiful scrap pages, i may have to pick up that one from amanda. have a great week.

Jane said...

I LOVe LOve Love the photos of Katie in the garden in her ballet outfit!!!! OH man, it made me giggle but at the same time amazing pages those will make!! Hooray for Hugh!!! Such fantastic layouts Helen..I know I say it all the time but you really do inspire me!

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