Sunday, August 15, 2010

A week of surprises!

Half way through the school term and finally I had what could be termed a 'normal' week! Well that is with the exception of a couple of surprises.

Firstly Katie's forever wobbly front tooth finally came out! But at school and she lost it! Too funny! Still, she was as happy as ever - twofold really - one for the impending Tooth Fairy visitor and secondly, that she could finally eat hard foods once more. It's amazing how one small omission from their usual appearance can change the whole look. Too cute!

On Tuesday at work I was presented with this delivery of flowers! Being at a new school they were all abuzz, especially as there was no card attached. I just shrugged my shoulders and met their barage of questions with "what can I say? He is a flower man" ... " but delievered!" They exclaimed!

Love my man!

Thank you Denny - they are exquisite!

I tried getting creative with my teaching last Thursday and decided to dye macaroni for a craft activity on rainbows! Sheesh! My hands were more green than Elphaba's from Wicked! But it was fun and worth the effort.

Scrapping news this week - please click on all images for credits.

Firstly from Nina ... totally fun mini kit!

Some lovely summery designs from Sue Cummings to warm up our wet wet winter.

Matrioshki has a wonderful new guest designer for the month of August and it was wonderful to scrap with the kit for the occasion from Charlize Creations.

Yoshiko has also made her amazing kit into a fabulous photo album book ... I am working on a grandparent photo book ... it is just gorgeous. Here is a collage of a few of the pages and I used some of Nini's fabulous new word art to add the finishing touches!

Have a fabulous week everyone!


Sue said...

Hey Helen, It's good to read that you've had a "normal" week and if your kinda normal includes getting flowers delivered to work, then "WOW" ... please can I have some of your normal too!!! WTG Denny indeed!

So sweet that Katie's front tooth fell out and it's cool that the Tooth Fairy is still gonna visit [even though the tooth got lost at school]. I guess Katie's at the age where an account with the TF will be set-up right? What's the going rate for a tooth now-a-days anyway?

Hope the kids in your class appreciate the lengths you go to in order to make education fun!

Hope Hugh's OK ... a quiet week for him I guess? Take care Helen and I'll say it again, thank you so much for your generosity!

Until next Sunday!


Jodie Redman said...

Great to hear you had a "normal" week hope this is the beginning of your new routine! Katie looks so different with her tooth out - Ella can't wait to lose a tooth but she doesn't even have a wobbly one yet! Amazing scrap pages as usual - I wish I could even manage one page these days LOL!! Hope Katie is feeling a bit better. Have a wonderful week!

Jodie Redman said...

Oh & how lucky are you to get such gorgeous flowers delivered!

MariaT said...

Katie looks adorable with that tooth missing and how wonderful to get flowers at work! Great family you have there, Helen :)

kym said...

Helen, what a beautiful surprise for you and Katie. Flowers are the best when unexpected. Katie must be thrilled and loved her tooth fairy visit. I bet it is still hard for her to bite into an apple. Have a great week.


A Look Into Nana;s World said... sweet of your fella!!! Love the flowers and Oh your Katie is adorable with her missing tooth!! I bet the tooth fairy was good to her!!

happy to hear you had a normal week..and things are going well!!!

Love your pages and photos!!! Lots of Hugs!!! Linda

Leah. said...

Love those flowers from Den!

What a cutie Katie is with her missing tooth.

Love your scrapping as always chicky!

Nancy said...

how sweet of den, an i'm wondering if the toothfairy still came?

BearFamily said...

Oh how exciting about Katie's tooth!!! how sad she lost it at school. She look gorgeous without one, hehe. How sweet of Den, the flowers look beautiful, love the close up. Great idea about the macaroni, Keanu once made a bracelet out of macaroni and also painted it. You are a great teacher !!!! The kids must love you much !
Have a great day !

Jane said...

Holy Macaroni!! I miss doing that from my teaching days!!
What a husband you have..and he has good taste in flowers too!!!

Your pages are stunning as always Helen!!

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