Sunday, August 08, 2010

The week that was

Another busy week ... I will get a 'routine' week one of these days :)

When I saw advertised this "power mate" for loan from the library, I knew it would be right up Den's 'techno-geek' alley! Having recently installed solar panels, I knew he would delight in plugging this little contraption in and educating us all on our energy consumption. I should take it to school seeing as I am teaching 'climate change'. So what energy saving things do you do in your home? I think we are now converted to actually switching things off at the wall as we have just learnt the amount of energy generated by an appliance just remaining on 'stand-by'.

On one of our busy mornings I came downstairs to find my children hiding this behind their backs. They are so sweet. Here is my standard 'school day' brekky ... OJ, kiwi and chocie milk! Hugh had it on a 'tray' (chopping board) so that I could take it over to the couch and sit down to eat. Thanks kids .... made my day!

Hugh is dying to 'invent' something ... anything! I love the way his mind works. He did this experiment at school. Some classes he has missed out on as I have had to pull him out for all our hospital runs of late, so I promised we could do some at home. We bought all the food colourings and just added milk, water and washing detergent for this one below. He delighted in being 'Professor' to tell us all about it. He has THE most super teacher this year and learning so much. We love Mrs Chandra.

Here are my two goofing around this week. They really do get along so well all things considered.

We thought we had a bye on this last weekend of football for the season. But Hugh was up to play for another team ... so our Sunday sleep in has to wait one more week. Katie's huge yawn pretty much testifies to how much we can't wait for that!

Still the sun was shining, Hugh got to have a run around and I scored a couple of wonderful shots. He has loved every moment of his first season playing 'real' football! Well done Hugh!

I realised I did not have a P52 shot this year of his football playing, so decided to make this one below my photo of the week to add to my collection. Awesome kicking style my boy!

Not that much on the scrapping news this week. But please click on all images for credits.
Below is another fun kit from Matrioshki Scrap Designs. Katie and I just LOVE this particular 'Little Mermaid' song and I delighted in making a page of it so we can now always remember how we used to belt it out together!

Nina is still producing an array of amazing products ... the page below is total 'scrap therapy' about the big week Hugh and I had on his health front.

I have done quite a bit of reading this week. Really enjoying my novel and the book on "boys" is truly enlightening! Highly recommend it! But I picked this quote up below as I was scanning through a Wayne Dyer book. It's a quote from Laurens Van Der Post - I first became acquainted with his writing when I worked in Africa. It is most worthwhile. This particular quote caught my attention. I seem to always be chasing my tail and whine to Den that we don't laugh so much these days or have fun. How to be happy? The $100 question I guess. But when I read this, I had one of those 'aha' moments: I have no doubt that my life has real meaning on many levels and I thought 'well yes! I am content". It was a revelation.

There is nothing wrong in searching for happiness … but of far more comfort to the soul is something greater than happiness or unhappiness , and that is meaning. Because meaning transfigures all … once what you are doing has for you meaning, it is irrelevant whether you’re happy or unhappy. You are content – you are not alone in your Spirit – you belong.

Laurens Van Der Post
So on that philosophical note I leave you to ponder ... what are you doing that brings meaning to your life?


MariaT said...

I love that shot of Hugh kicking!! All great photos and how sweet to get a little snack on a tray :)

Christine said...

AMEN to that, my friend! Family makes life meaningful and I love reading about yours! Hoping you get a routine week soon! And thanks for the reminder about conservation...I know there are many areas for us to improve on.

Jacqueline said...

Ah, your children how sweet and loving they are - breakfast for mommy.
Relieved to have you sounding Helenish again
Your blog simply filled with goodies - the photos {{{sigh}}} the layouts.
Your layouts are a reminder that scrapbooking can be very therapeutic!
Isn't the Return to Cranford a delight to watch!!
I read a cple of Wayne Dwyer's books years ago - but the quote left us with is something to ponder - thank-you, dear Helen for your blogging!!

Sue said...

Routine week ... what's one of them? It seems whenever I think it's gonna be "routine" someone or something throughs a big chunky spanner in the works!

Another fabulous week of snapshots ... the kiwi & orange look very inviting, not sure about the chocolate milk though! And Hugh looks like a total pro ... what style, what athletisism, what skill ... hand eye co-ordination definitely a requirement for Aussie rules footie!

I'm not mush of a reader, but I do appreciate a good quote when I hear one and this is exceptional. One for a future oscraps challenge perhaps?

Until next Sunday, hope you have a great week Helen!


Jane said...

love the action shots of Hugh and the colored water cool! Can't wait to see what Hugh discovers and creates one day..something so clever and useful by all I just know!!

Your pages are amazing always..your an inspiration!!

Leah. said...

LOVE all the photos this week!

I would love to use that powermate in my house for a week to teach my kids about power consumption. I tell them and tell them but they never seem to get it you know?

Love your sweet kids! They are just the best.


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