Monday, July 19, 2010

The past couple of weeks .....

The past couple of weeks have just flown by with sadly very little to report. The holidays ended and we already have over a week of Term 3 under our belt. I have been very busy preparing for my classes and have had little time for anything else. It certainly is a major balancing act with all that goes on in this modern day life.

Katie is my continuous shadow and I have to admit 99% of the time I just love it. The collage below is just so darn cute! She has her own computer but "its not near you Mamma". So she made her own - as you do when you are five and incredibly imaginative! Don't you just love her mouse! LOL!

Therefore I had to make this photo below last weeks P52 shot - me and my shadow!

There was a funny story last week as during a hail storm Katie cried out that there were "witches at her window". I was a bit too tired to deal with it and when I told Den he said "well why didn't you make her a magic wand?" Oh yeah! Like that was the first thing that popped into my head! But that is just one of the many reasons why I love my man and the fabulous things he does. Denis was very prompt in making a wand from a chop stick and cutting up a ribbon with a lacker band! Needless to say they chased those witches away!

My P52 photo this week is my Dad and Hugh. These two are SO much alike it is amazing! My Dad has taken a real interest in Hugh's football games and the two of them get on the phone each Sunday night and chat about it. Hugh was thrilled when on the Sunday just gone Pa came down to actually watch one! Sorry we could not get a win Pa (or even a score for that matter!) Still Hugh did a stirling job with kicks, tackles, handballs and loads of running!

Scrapping of late includes the following - please click on all pages/photos for credits.
Sensational new goodies from Nina Scraps:

Leiko Beck is back designing the odd freebie on her blog, be sure to stop by and pick some up!

Matrioshki Scrap Designs have many wonderful new kits available this month:


Leiko said...

Your girl is INCREDIBLY imaginative! I love her computer. Love, love, love! Need to make one for the little bean as her favorite "toy" right now seems to be my keyboard! And the wand to chase away witches? Brilliant!

Loved getting caught up on the going-ons of your life, Helen. Hope you have a great week friend!


MariaT said...

That computer thing is adorable and the way Den took care of the witches is just amazing!

Amy said...

Good luck with your new life schedule. Don't forget about Mommy time! Hugh looks so proud. And that computeris too cute. Have a great week.

kym said...

Hi Helen, Katie is so sweet and I just love her computer. It is a good tool for her to practice her spelling words with. Your layouts are gorgeous as ever!

Leah. said...

Hey you! You blogged and completely made my day :)

Love the computers side by side :)

Lenore said...

Katie is so creative (just like her Mum!)....that computer is wonderful!! I love that her imagination enabled Den to calm her down during the hail storm. What a great idea he had!! And I love the picture of Hugh and your Dad....Hugh is looking so grown up and your Dad looks well! Precious times and memories!!

A Look Into Nana;s World said...

Now how creative of Katie!!! Love that computer!!! All the photos are phenominal as always and love your layouts!! Take care of you, and get some "ME" time!!

((HUGS)) Linda

Jacqueline said...

Happy to see your blog up again - missed reading your wonderful journaling and stories of family.
Katie's computer, Den's magic wand, Hugh's football - they come alive with your photos and words.
Thanks so much for sharing, dear Helen.
Your blog truly makes me feel part of your wonderful family.

margote05 said...

I like Katie's computer! It is huge;) and Bravo to Denis for his imagination and its magnificent magic wand! Anybody doubts that it hunted(chased away) the witches;)
I hope that the preparations of course are going to end and that you can take advantage a little more of your spare time! And as usual, your pages are really magnificent with a very favorite for those with Nina's products;) good week to your small family!

Nini said...

Love your post my friend! A really cute computer and a totally awesome way to chase the witches away!!
Hope all goes well with your new work schedule.
fantastic layouts as always.... Love the one with the books!

Zizazzi said...

you've got a beautiful shadow helen ;-)
and your LO are gorgeous as usual ..

Jane said...

Well, creativity is flowing from your family!! What a great idea to make a magical wand to scare away those witches and Katies computer 'Rocks'!! I can't ever say enough about your I won't even try this time!!

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