Sunday, July 04, 2010

The past week we have ...

The past week we have downloaded apps for the ipad like there is no tomorrow.


We have celebrated my Dad's birthday!

We are battling sickness again! *sigh* I was sick last week, unsure if I have passed it onto my girl. Getting up three times a night ... well I am too old for that LOL! At least someone gets to recline on the couch and play with the ipad all the next day - and it 'ain't me!

But I love this photo as beloved 'Wattle' (teddy) is never far away in times of need - maybe he is into apps also???

But I digress ... this past week we went away for a few days. Apart from me being unwell the kids had a blast. It's been awhile since we have "had a sleep over" - the bunk beds and spa bath were a huge hit.

We had technology with us needless to say.

We had chilly weather and plenty of rain but happy times were had.

We had moments that made my heart melt.

We had a sunset that made me remember why I love this time of day so much.

We had an incredible view from our bed.

We had amazing hot drinks:

.... that apparently tasted deeeelicious!

We had a boy who ran and ran and ran in all kinds of weather.

We had a girl who could simply not contain her excitement and happiness.

Yup ... we had a great time!

We had spa baths every night!

And sick as I was, I still tried to have some photo fun!

Scrapbooking for the past couple of weeks. Please click on all images for credits.
Gorgeous new photo pockets from Joanne Brisebois:

More Nina Scraps template with Nini's elements to accentuate:

Speaking of Nini, her self analysis pages continue to inspire me:

I combined Sue Cummings word art, Joanne's photo pockets and Nini's splats for this page about our solar panels:

We had a challenge at Sue's CT ... this was fun to do:

Ange has a fab new collab out with Lien, "comfort":

Over at Matrioshki Scrap Designs, a fun kit made for Den and his passion for gaming:

A fun new freebie challenge for the month of July:

This kit just instantly made me want to do a page about standing out from the crowd:

Finally a page to both recognise and celebrate the amazingly warm and friendly place that Oscraps is. I am very sad to say that due to unforseen circumstances I was forced into retiring from the CatScrap CT. And just like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz (thanks Linda!) I clicked my heels and quickly ran back into the arms of my waiting "O" family.
Love you girls!


kym said...

Your photo journaling was just amazing. The way you paired the photos and journaling was just a joy to read. I'm glad you are feeling better and I hope Katie does too. I love your view from your bedroom. What a scene to wake up from every morning. You can never wake up on the wrong side of the bed. Thanks for sharing and I will continue to see you at the O.

katell said...

wowwww it seems to be very fun :-D
I love your lo "Home"...and of course others ;-)))

A Look Into Nana;s World said...

Oh I totally agree with Kym...your photo journaling is fantastic!! So glad your family and you had such a fantastic vacation...wish you could have felt better (hugs). And sweetie...There is no place like hOme!! I tell ya...I have known my whole life that hOme is where the heart is, and Dorothy is one of my faves...maybe this is why!!
More (hugs)Linda

MariaT said...

Beautiful scrap pages as usual and I loved seeing the photos from your week. But who is that boy in all of them? He looks so much older than little Hugh! I hope you are all feeling well this coming week :)

BearFamily said...

Awww, so sorry to hear you are not feeling well, get well soon, I will send you some sun, lol. You have had a busy week, happy belated birthday to your dad. And I see you had a sort of mini vacation, that view looks great, what was it a hotelroom?
Have a great week, and get well soon, Astrid

margote05 said...

Helen, I love all your photos, they are simply magnificent! And I like sharing your everyday life, it is really brilliant! Really I like! And you know what, my brother bought to himself Ipad and I was able to try it today! Then really, I like and I hope that one day, I can offer myself one! It is extraordinary;)
And as usual, your pages are fabulous! It is of the happiness to come on your blog! Really!
Take care of you and Katie! Good week to your small family;)

Jacqueline said...

I'm happy you clicked your red shoes like Dorothy and came hOme and there's a hoMe away from hOme now you can visit and feel warm and cozy :)
Bask in the warmth of hugs and love from your family and friends at the O and M - and in all corners of the world - especially the Great White North
I don't need to tell you how your journaling, photos and layouts affected me -
sorry, my eyes


Amy said...

So glad you enjoyed your escape. Thanks for helping me at pcf so I could do the same. Always ejoy seeing our opposite seasons and your pictures are fabulous as always!

Annika said...

You know i love you sweetie and i will miss you like crazy! But i am glad you have a real hOme were ALL your amazing talant will be appriciated! So so sorry for all of this! ((HUGS))

and as for your guys seemed to have a wonderful time! Glad you were able to get away!

Nini said...

Glad you had fun Helen!
Awesome every day photos as always my friend and some really, really wonderful layouts too!
We all love you at the O!!! It is your hOme!!!!! It would not be the same without you!
Lots of (((hugs))) your way!

Leah. said...

I'm just amazed at how grown up the kids are looking in that first photo with their grandpa!

I hope everybody gets over the sickness quickly. You make me feel bad. That sick and you went on vacation, took that many photos and scrapped all those wonderful pages?

You are my hero chicky :)

Lenore said...

Amazing photography, Helen! I LOVE them ALL, but I think my favorite of all of them is the one of the kids with your Dad!!!! OMG......awesome! That one needs to be framed!! Precious moments and memories!!

LDArtist said...

Don't know how you do it! The photos are amazing! Looks like everyone had a splendid time - even though you were under the weather. (hope you're feeling better) The photo of your DD and waddles is too cute!!! Then you go and create those wonderful scrap pages! whew... just wonderful! Always fun to visit your blog!

Jane said...

Wow...well, first of all I hope everyone is well again! and second, I love the photo of your dad and the kids...such a handsome threesome!!
Last but not least...the photos of your time away are so wonderful and full of love!!

wombat146 said...

Hi sweetie, just a quick drive by!! LOVE your photos!!! and man, those little ones of yours are just growing up so quick!!! xx

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