Sunday, May 02, 2010

An interesting week

It has been an interesting week ... my second to last scrap page pretty much sums it up. Say no more. On top of that I still have a little girl crawling into my bed regularly about 3am. I try to spare Den her terrible snoring and after 5-10 minutes take her back to her own bed. If she is struggling with her breathing (Katie is a mouth breather) I lie with her to settle her. By this stage having been awake for the better part of an hour, it is hard to fall back asleep, not to mention the interruption: *sigh* Chonk needs me and I am there for her. But throughout the day we are all counting the cost to our sleep patterns. She is my girl, the girl I longed for all my life and I would do anything for her.

Here we are outside this past weekend -this little girl lights up my life.

My poor boy ... another massive and scoreless defeat in football today. Personally Hugh is doing incredibly well. But the bumps and bruises hurt that much more after a defeat. I think as the weeks pass, the tears will be harder to dry. Still we have come up with a plan that sees me outside kicking the ball to him for at least ten minutes each night this week.

And I wonder where my time goes.

Leah set the fabulous challenge of "seating" for PCF this week. So I decided to do a family "seating plan" - LOL - my square eyes daughter watching Tinkerbell on the couch; my ever productive son working on some diagram or other for me to see his latest hobby; my Denny diligently capturing his weekly does of vitamin D each weekend (and being served a cup of fairy tea no less!); and me ... starting my new book! YAY!

As the sun was going down I captured quite a few shots and finally setteled on this one for my PCF 'seating' submission:

PCF52 this week - it was all about my preparation for working each and every Thursday and Friday for the next eight weeks. Not much one might contemplate ... but having to amuse and educate 24 6 and 7 year olds according to Victorian government guidelines ... well needless to say after a ten year break and not familiar with this age level, I was tearing my hair out. One word: paperwork!

Scrapping this week (please click on image for credits):
Love how quickly and effectively this page came togther with Nina's new kit:

My friend Nini has some fabulous FREE splats out ... be sure to collect these:

Ange has a wonderful new kit "correspondance" (the french spelling) and it was "just what the doctor ordered" to scrap therapy my way out of this past week:

Finally, I just can't help but dabble in the occasional fantasty page ... love to step outside my box:

Happy Days Everyone!


Sue said...

Oh dear Helen,

Such a forlorn post! Sleep disruption is no fun for ANYONE. Bless poor Katie ... I'm a "mouth breather" at night too, my dad always said I was catching flies in my sleep. Yuk! If I snore (which I do) DH nudges me slightly and I usually stop (or so he says!). Is it worth a trip to ENT doctor?

And poor Hugh too ... just think how sweet the victories will finally be. The team photo is wonderful. I love the orange of their kit against the blue of the sky!

I do hope this coming week is better for you. With Hugh helping out with research, things are bound to pick up in no time.

Stay smiling Helen ... I'm sending you positive thoughts & virtual hugs!


MariaT said...

You know I always keep thinking that soon I'll be able to sleep without worrying about getting up with the kids. But then they have nightmares or just want to sleep in your bed or start wandering.
I'm sure it's hard seeing Hugh with all those bruises and tough times. And I am already so scared to get back into teaching (even though it won't be for a few years) so I am gathering courage from watching you :)

Val said...


Amy said...

Sleep deprivation is hard but you'll muttle through. Personally, I found when I started wearing ear plugs at night, everyone slept just fine ;)
Enjoy you new class and have a great week.

Jacqueline said...

Poor, dear Helen - you've had a difficult week but with a family like yours hope shines through.

And yet, you continue to take amazing photos and create stirring layouts.

Remember you're in my thoughts and prayers

lotsa hugs


Nini said...

Not getting enough sleep is no good at all! Hopefully she'll outgrow it soon... in the meantime enjoy hugging her and having her close! ;)

Awesome photos as always Helen! Where do you find the time??

.. and that book looks good... makes me so curious..... let me know if you like it!

Some more virtual (((hugs))) from me too!

Leah. said...

I know just how you feel! Big, Big hugs to you my friend. I miss ya too you know!

Gorgeous scrapping! How do you find the time?

A Look Into Nana;s World said...

Oh Helen....Lots of ((HUGS))...I totally understand sleep deprivation!! It's not healthy! but I also understanding doing what you have to for the little ones! You are a great Mom!!

My fave this week is the one of you and Katie!! AWESOME photo!!

(HUGS) Nana

Nancy said...

love that sunburst chair shot!!

Jane said...

Wow...busy!! I sympathize with you being woke up by your daughter...we too, had that problem with my youngest (daughter) for years it seemed! But they do eventually stop coming in to your room every night! I love your pages here and your photos but you already know that!! Haven't been by in a while and I am always amazed when I do stop in!!! See ya round!!!

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