Sunday, May 09, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

This weekend Downunder we celebrate Mother's Day - always the second Sunday in May! So happy Mother's Day to all you incredible women out there! My children were SO excited with their purchases from the school stall. They were in to visit before 7am wanting to present them to me. And I just have to share.

I am sure you are all incredibly jealous ... have a look below ... hands up to everyone who has their very own solar powered flower pot! Isn't it gorgeous! And so very much Katie! It has a little solar panel and bops along when charged by the sun! Got to love that.

Then of course there is my very mature and ever sensible 9 y.o son .... a magnetic shopping list for the fridge!

Both items make me smile - ALOT!

So Saturday was wonderful! Let's see ... it was sunny, I read, I scrapped, I photographed, I had watched a brilliant movie the night before, I went for a (i)pod walk and I drank champagne! Don't ask for much do I?

Chonky wanted to "play" with bubbles ... here are some shots! Beware ... more bubble scrap pages on the way. Can't resist!

Of course I capitalise on the photographic opportunity and not only for bubble shots! *sigh* ... I *heart* my girl for all the amazing photos she provides me with.

Though mind you ... they are not all so pretty! LOL! LOVE this fashion statement below!

Sunday was football time. My mother had knitted Katie a club colour scarf during the week and sent it through the mail! Thank you Grandma! Here she is! The collage below see's Hugh warming up and a wonderful father and son shot listening to "coach" before the game. Oh ... and the arms all linked shot I hear you ask? Yes we lost again (badly again) HOWEVER ... we SCORED! HOORAY! One goal, four points (which in Aussie footy equates ten points total) and even better Hugh kicked one point! The future is looking bright!

Photography challenges this week. PCF is shadows .... nothing remarkable to share but had fun trying and editing.

PCF52 ... well this had to be a Mother's Day shot didn't it!

Scrapping this week (click on all images for credits):
Fabulous new templates and a kit from Nina:

I love how Sue Cummings Designs (and encouragement from my dear friend Nini) see's my doing more pages on myself:

A CheeryO page ... yes I *heart* my two:

This month Natasha is guest at After Five Designs ... here is her kit "Soft Vintage" and a page using a photo of my mother and father from when they were dating:

Katey Green of Handmaid Designs sent me a few kits .... another BOM:

Ange has this fabulous frame set for FREE on her blog to celebrate her two month guest stint at Zig Zag Scrap. Be sure to drop by and collect these:

Have a fabulous week everyone!


Sue said...

Happy Mother's Day Helen!

"YEAH!" to Katie & Hughie for finding the PERFECT gifts. Solar powered plants can't be overwatered & die and EVERYBODY needs a magnetic notepad for the fridge ... GENIUS IDEAS!!!

Your photos are gorgeous & choice of Katie's footwear is obviously a fashion statement , darling!

WTG Hughie for kicking a point ... things are definitely looking bright (especially in the awesome orange strip)!

Good to see you smiling Helen. Hope you've had a wonderful Mum's Day (notice Brit / Aussie spelling!!!).


MariaT said...

Today is mother's day over here too. Those gifts the kids gave you are so wonderful. I always like something kind of practical like that. Can't wait to see this year's bubble layouts and hurray for Hugh for getting goal!

Leah. said...

Happy Mother's Day to you!!!!

See, Hugh is doing well. Yeah for him scoring his very first point!!!!

Love your photos of Katie, she is so pretty!

I want the solar powered flower pot! That is way too cool and yes, so Katie. Anything that moves huh?

Glad you had a great day. Now I'm thinking I want an IPod walk, some photographing time etc, etc. We shall see, so far not looking good. Terry is sleeping in while I am up with the kids. *sigh*

kym said...

Happy Mother's Day to you too Helen!!! I love your solar flower pot. I could use that since I have no living plants in my house. There is a reason for that. I love that Hugh left you such a sweet note on your notepad. I wish you have a restful and enjoyable day.

Zizazzi said...

Hapy mother day to you helen !! in france it's at the end of the month ;-) not yet ...
Love the orange af your girl team ;-) , love your pictures and LO as usual ...

margote05 said...

It is the same day as in Belgium! A little bit late but good celebrate Helen! And I see that you were spoiled by the children!
I like enormously Kathie's photos with a small preference for those in black and white! And also that of you and the children. They are just magnificent! And as usual, I am filled with admiration for your pages! Good week

BearFamily said...

Happy Mothersday to you too!!! We also celebrated it yesterday, but I didn't had time to upload more photo's, yesterday we also had our liberation parade with the Canadian veterans, AWESOME!!!!!! Try to upload some photo's tonight.
Love your presents, Katie is so photogenic, and how do you get to make so much scrappages ??!!!! I'm running out of time, besides my mother is sick for already three weeks so running between two houses. Take care,

A Look Into Nana;s World said...

Oh I am so happy you had a great Mother's Day!! The kids did a fabulous job on the gifts!! I am loving that solar powered plant!! I will be checking into this!!! A lot of great photos this week...just loving those bubble shots ... and a fabulous lot of layouts this week too!! I just love your creativity and inspirsation!!! I know I can always peek at your stuff to get my own mojo flowing!! :)

((HUGS)) Nana Linda

Yummers! said...

Love your Mother's Day gifts from the kids! Sooooo sweet!!

Your photos continue to be fantastic as do your layouts. I love the bubble shots and especially the cute little legs decked out in pink (is there any other color in Katie's world?):-)

Love to all,
Grammy J

Leiko said...

Happy (belated) Mother's Day, Helen! So happy to see that you're doing well my friend! Love all the photos!


Jacqueline said...

What perfect gifts so telling of their personalities.
Happy to hear Hugh's football is coming along WTG for kicking a point!

And sweet Grandma making scarf for cheerleader Katie -
wonderful photos again, my dear

and of course your layouts gorgerous

Jacqueline said...

any chance of the b&w photos of Katie? forgot to ask - such a sweetheart

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