Sunday, May 16, 2010

The days are getting shorter ....

The weather is certainly changing ... the sun is setting earlier and the mornings are dewy and foggy! Have I mentioned how much I don't like winter? Mild as it is! Oh well ... just over a month will be the shortest day of the year and then it's towards the warmer months we can head.

The weekend weather has been very kind and outside time has been abundant. Hugh just loves to be outside for every sunlit moment possible .... here he is in his new football hoodie - love it when I score a good shot of my boy.

And of course there is no "Punch without Judy" and little sister is right by his side for every waking sun filled moment. But the days are shorter as the sun sinks earlier to the horizon.

My childhood memories are full of time outside, parents chasing you to "go outside and play". That is the way it should be in my opinion and I fully encourage it with my own children. Yes ... they do love their computers and DS but fortunately if they have a choice, its outside they play ... even if they have to take the sticky tape, paper and craft goodies with them as they busily make a "shop".

Football was at the more respectable hour of 10am this weekend but you can see that the fog and dew are still present. My photo taking opportunities were cut short due to helping/supporting the team so this is all I got this week at the warm up. Still, despite another heavy loss, the weather was great, the team did score and Hugh is doing awesome in full back!

I guess the news of the week was the installation of our solar panels. This is a government incentive and Den prides himself on our growing self sufficienty - what with water tanks and all. So on the roof to the right of the tree extends the whole line of solar panels - big aren't they! It's fun to watch and see that we are generating our own electricity during the day.
So this is my photo for PCF52 this week: our solar paneled house ;)

This week PCF challenge was portraits. I tried a couple but came back to one of my shots from last weekend of the Chonk and played around in Picasa with the editing.

Scrapping this week was loads of fun with some incredible kits. Be sure to click on all images for credits.
Loving this template of Amanda's - makes collages look great and combined with Nini's FREE word art it came together really quick and easy.

I took the Copycat Challenge at Oscraps as my opportunity to grab this delightful kit of Cinzia's ... aren't the elements lovely!

Another fun collage this time with a template of Nina's using some more of Nini's WA. These are the fun out-takes from the annual April photo shoot the children and I do in front of the bathroom mirror! LOL!

Finally ... I was dying to play with this kit of Brydka's ... if ever you want to try fantasy/extraction pages, this is the kit to start with ... Mystique Designs makes it so easy and I just love the results.

Busy week for me coming up ... out and about quite a bit so I may not be around as much as usual. Each and everyone of you take care and make it a good one.


margote05 said...

It is drole to say to itself that that is going to be the winter to you while to us, it is soon the summer;) but the sun is waiting! It is still very cold! I have the impression that the sun is not going to return any more so the winter is long!
You have a very beautiful and big house Helen!!! To us too there are more and more solar panels! But I have no it at home;)
I like very much of Katie's portrait, magnificent and as usual, I feast with your pages! Good week to you all!

Sue said...

Hey Helen, wise words [as usual] about playing outside. I remember spending WHOLE days playing outside, but I don't see kids doing that anymore ... sign of the times I guess.

WTG on the solar panels! I'd love to install them too, but even with government grants, the costs are just too high ... 1 day!!!

Love the photo taken during footy warm-up, really gives a sense of just how cool it is for you "down-under". Mind you, not really much to shout about here ... it's been a distinctly cool start to May ... it's felt more like February. Bbbbbrrrrrrrr!!!!

Hope you have a wonderful [if somewhat busy] week ahead. Stay warm my friend!


MariaT said...

I would love to get solar panels on our house! Lucky! Wonderful photos this week :)

Nini said...

Solar panels! Fantastic!Something that should start happening here in this big city....
Days are getting longer here and the weather is turning humid and hot... very typical of Miami!

I believed I already commented on your wonderful layouts but I want you to know that they are always an inspiration!

Ditto with the New Moon movie.... what's wrong with that girl??? Too distracted maybe?? LOL! Or just plain bad acting?!

Have a great week my friend!

Leah. said...

My kids love to be outside too! Joseph is hilarious lately, as soon as you open the door he is gone so fast it's ridiculous and almost impossible to keep up with him.

I wish we could get solar panels. Good for you guys! Love you big house!

Great scrapping as usual!!

Heather Landry said...

Your photography is always stunning! I totally agree about having the kids play outside. The best part of that is sitting out in the sun with them! Before it gets too hot here! Today is only 80 degrees. LOL Your layouts are divine! That fantasy one is just... Wow!

Amy said...

Sorry you're getting chilly!
I am loving the warmth.
Great portraits and action shots too. Have a great week.

Jacqueline said...

Your solar panels very impressive - Dieter had look too.
I think it's wonderful that the children play outside - esp. make-believe - so many children are deprived of using their imagination with the electronic overload of today.
You photos and layouts are divine as usual -
take care and don't overdo my friend

BearFamily said...

What?????????? You are complaining about the weather overthere??? I see the kids still wearing summer clothes !!!!! We had a bad winter and now we also have a bad spring, less sun or sunny spring days :-( Still wearing my wintercoat and boots!!!!! Laughing about your solar panels, we already have them for 8 years !!!!! I will send you a photo of it these days :-) and a longer mail with some updates around here.
Take care,

Yummers! said...

I chuckled out loud when I saw 'The Naughty Prince'. Just tickled me!

Love your portrait of Katie... it's beautiful!! Also crazy about your bathroom mirror shots! Where is the camera when you're shooting?
Is thata dumb question that I should know?

Leiko said...

Oh I love those solar panels! To be self sufficient would be totally awesome. You'd think being in Hawai‘i it would be mandatory to have them, lol! Love the photos of the kids and as usual, your layouts of inspirational. Have a great weekend!

A Look Into Nana;s World said...

Well, I could not agree more about the kids being outdoors!! Mine were always outside whenever possible and the grandchildren are following the same pattern. I guess we can all show off our beach photos on this side of the world...You are lucky that your winters are mild though!! If I could wish a wish for you, I would wish you to be summer with us!!

How awesome about the solar panels!! I would love to know down the road if they work well!!

Fabulous photos this week!!

((Hugs)) Linda

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