Monday, April 05, 2010

School holidays week one

Two words: I'm tired. Not quite the "relaxing" holiday week I had planned. Let's see when I left you last we had just celebrated Hugh's birthday party last Saturday. Then:

Sunday: Hugh off to his first sleep over after a trip to Luna Park and the rest of the family off to at BBQ


Tuesday: Bunnings and Library for crafts

Wednesday: shopping ... mainly for Hugh's birthday gift

Thursday: was meant to go out but Katie was sick. Hugh kindly babysat (very motherly too I might add) while I ran around like a mad thing.

Friday: Hugh's actual birthday

Saturday & Sunday: theatre and twice into the city

*picture this* ... Helen has run out of steam! So in photos that equates to:

Bunnings: this craft was REALLY cool - still can't believe its free. The kids were given hammers and nails to make a. girlie money box or b. boyie pencil box.

Rushing Chonka off to a packed library for stories, making bunny ears and hunting for eggs (Hugh wisely forwent this activity) :

Purchased for Hugh's birthday ......... long story that I will scrap about this week ..... LEGO! *sigh* .... tried valiantly to resist but truly speaking ... he LOVES the stuff ... for the whole 100 minutes it takes him to assemble it!

Hugh's birthday on Good Friday. Poor baby ... nothing opened so we arranged for our 'famous' Hancock Restaurant! He wanted candlelit dinner and loved the attention.

Saturday and Sunday involved trips into Melbourne city for our theatre excursions. I am biased but we do live in a fab city! The city was pumping on Saturday ... you could just feel the energy and before the theatre we LOVED walking around and absorbing all there was to see and do.

So Saturday was 'CATS'. I have seen it before ... would probably not have gone again but Den had not seen it. His impressions afterwards were much the same as mine .... not your traditional theatrical production. I was therefore immensely surprised at how much the children loved it.

Sunday was the real long awaited treat .... 'Mamma Mia'. All one could hope for and more. Just light and fluffy and thoroughly enjoyable!

Photo challenges this week. PCF52 has to be Hugh and his lego ... man on a mission. It's expensive, the thrill is so quickly over but as I listen to his humming and 100% total dedication and absorption while he builds ... it would take a harder soul than mine to resist. And trust me .... I am pretty hard.

Maria set the PCF challenge of 'food' this week. As I was cleaning up after the 'Hancock Restaurant', I was struck by the remnants of Hugh's 'cake' aka chocolate bars!

Scrapping this week:
My time is up after three months at Catscrap. HUGE thanks to the two incredibly sister Annika and Maria whom I just adore and each and every time inspire my scrapping.
So to finish my time there.... Maria and I have an 'in' joke about my early scrapping pages. Catscrap has this fun challenge 'new and improved'. So to appease Maria I resurfaced an old page (again!) and re-did it .... I must REALLY love you Maria! Here is my initial page from November 2006:

And my 'new and improved' version:

With the same kit by Creashen I did this page about my girl and how I want to remember when she was convinced that I was the centre of her universe!

Oscraps news, remember to click on images for credits:

Finally ... as part of Natasha's CT we are given access to the Shabby Pickle collab. This kit was waaaaaaaaaay fun! So FUNKY! Do you like the shoes I put on Katie's bare feet!! LOL!


MariaT said...

why are holidays always so busy?? glad you survived ;)

Kami said...

Wow!! Such a busy family, but it is obvious how much fun you all have together and that makes it all so worth it I am sure!!!

Sue said...

And there was me thinking you were gonna relax with the family Helen! Hancocks looks like a classy restaurant, but I guess they're always fully booked ... the candlelit setting was a nice touch. Shame your CT gig at Catscraps is over, I know there's a month-long CT gig up for grabs at Mscraps if you're interested??? Lots of Aussie ladies already there & I think you'd be perfect for the "job". Details are here if you're interested!

Hope you have a fabulous week ... chill out & relax a bit if you can!

Hugs, sue.falstaff

Nichole said...

yea! mama mia!!! LOVED it! i took bella and we had so much fun!

and i had to giggle... i loved your birthday cake shot. i'm thinking my kids would love to have a 'cake' like that.... they will think it is sooo cool and wonder why i have never thought of it......

Leah. said...

Yikes! I'm tired just reading about your holidays. Looks like you are having lots of fun though!!!!

Jodie Redman said...

Sounds like you are having a lot of fun! Would be nice if the holidays went for a bit longer. Enjoy the rest of your break!

Kim said...

Ha:) I was just thinking about our 'early' pages over at the other day. Great improvement:)

BearFamily said...

Haha, you are as busy as I am ! Love all the activity's you do, I love searching for nice things to do every week. Love the photo you took of the candy bar left on the plate, you have a good eye for still life photography, love it! I haven't seen Cats or Mama mia. The last musical I have seen was the Lion King, the big musicals only play in the biggest theatres, like the lion king we had to drive 2hours. Love to see how your scrapping style has changed into beautiful and magical creations!

Nancy said...

looking at your photos really makes me want to get my camera out. i've been on a long enough break i think. beautiful work, as always my friend!

Zizazzi said...

WOW ... melbourne .. Cat and mamamia .. you make me dream helen !!!
enjoy your easter holliday ....

Val said...

what a wonderful woooooorld... oops...

I love to see you busy and surrounded by love and smile.
I know you are exhausted, but eh, you are not super woman, right, so you have the right to say STOP ... or to buy more legos ;-)

take care, and enjoy the next week ( already well started lol) you gonna get some rest later...


heyp ... Happy birthday little hugh ...

Dig-Photos n Scrappings said...

love all your scraps... I like the most is one of your son's bday the flim styles.. smile

Amy said...

I'm loving the collages this week Helen.
Keep up the endless energy!

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