Sunday, March 28, 2010

YAY! Two week break!

Here in Australia we have four school terms in the calendar year. I can't believe the first one is already finished! My girl has completed her first term of school! We now have a well deserved two week school break. I averaged two days work a week in relief/substitute teaching for the term and to those two schools where I am now a happy regular I send out my thanks. It has been busy but thoroughly enjoyable to return to the classroom - I have not lost my touch after a decade ;) Now for some R&R and the fun times I have planned with my two adorable munchkins for the next fortnight.

What a surprise to receive this letter bought home from Katie this past week. This is also my photo for this week's PCF Challenge "blurred" - great idea Leah!

Each week they have a "student of the week" which you may remember Katie received in the very first week of term. Well I am happy to report my girl was chosen as student of the TERM! How happy and proud are we! It is quite funny .... Hugh received this award a year or so ago. Each term they have a different theme ... Hugh received his for 'organisation'. What did Katie get hers for? 'Getting along" aka socialising/partying - and thus you have my two children summed up in a nutshell LOL! No seriously, she knew no one and I am tickled pink that she loves her teacher, class, friends, school - makes my job of waving goodbye each morning that much easier.

Hugh will be turning nine years old on Good Friday! Eekkk! Where has that time gone. We offered parties here, there and everywhere ... what did he want? A few good buddies over to run around his front and back yard! LOL! So - as he loves 'army' so much - we went with that theme. Saturday saw this scene below ... he had a blast! And what pulled at my heart strings most is that there was not a second thought on his part that his little sister should be included. LOVE you for that Hugh.

This was Hugh's fave photo ... you have to bear in mind he plays online war games with his father regularly and thinks he looks "so good" in this shot!

Let's see ... apart from running around like a "pack of dogs" according to Denis (!) they played posion ball, went down to the local park to play 'army', played four square, had a Bakugan treasure hunt, flippin' fish, bocci and ate pizza, chips and lemonade!

Yup! I think that smile says it all!

Now onto scrapping news ... remember to click on all images for credits.
My wonderfully talented friend Nini has released her first mini digi kit. Congrats Nini! It is wonderful. Please stop by her blog to collect your own.

Have a fabulous week everyone ... I know I will!


Scottish Zoe said...

that party looks so much fun! - but exhausting as well - have a good holiday

MariaT said...

That is too funny that Katie got the award for socializing and Hugh for organizing. And how lovable is he for wanting his sister to be in on the army fun? Looks like a good time!

margote05 said...

I see that Hugh took advantage well of it. It is true that her smile quite means;) and bravo to Katie for his award at the school.
As usual, I feast by coming here. I like very much the page which you made with the kit of Nini, it is magnificent! Good week to you all.

Lenore said...

James is inspecting the birthday party pictures very carefully! Looks like everyone had a great time! How wonderful that Hugh wanted to include Katie.....he's such an awesome big brother!!

You must be so proud of Katie for getting her award....a mighty great start in school I'd say!!

Enjoy your break from school/work and the time you'll have with Hugh and Katie! I KNOW you love that!! :)

Sue said...

Another amazing week in the Hancock household! Hugh's party looks like a real smash hit & WTG Katie for bringing a bit a girlie pink glamour to the whole camouflage thing ... she's truly rockin‘!!!

Have a fabulous couple of weeks off school / work Helen. Kick back & relax, with a glass (or two) of bubbly ... bliss!


Amy said...

So glad it was easy to jump back into the classroom. Hugh's birthday looks great, I so wish my kids didn't have winter birthdays for just that outdoor party fun reason! Enjoy your week off and good weather.

Leah. said...

Yeah Katie! Congrats to you!

Happy birthday Hugh! I don't think he could have picked a better party idea and you can tell him that his favourite photo is also my fave! He does look great! My boys would have loved that party!

Fabulous scrapping as always!

P.S. Love your choice for PCF!

BearFamily said...

Love the photo's of Hugh's birthday party. I think it will be a hard job to find fun things to do on a child's birthday party. Here the schools have next week one week easter vacation.The other vacation are two weeks at Christmas, one week in autumn and six weeks at summer. We don't have such thing as student of the week or so, I have never heard anyone about it. Great that Katie loves school so much and she has socialized in it. Hope Keanu will do too, I just got a postcard from school that Keanu has to go in June four afternoons for training. Well I must confess that I'm getting a little nervous too now by the idea, lol.

Heather Landry said...

It looks like he had an absolute blast at his party! I'm so glad that his little sister was included without a thought. That's a wonderful thing Helen! All of your layouts are gorgeous as usual!! You amaze me.

Jacqueline said...

A week late but made it! The party obviously an enormous success - the photos priceless. Little Katie fits right in with the 'army'. Even the 'army' photo shows their unique skills - organising and socializing :)
You & Denis are blessed with the best of children - may have something to do with their parents eh? ;)
Wonderful layouts and photos - I've run out of adjectives my dear!

Nini said...

Hope you are having an awesome week with your family - a well-deserved break for all of you!!! Have lots of fun and take time to relax too!!

Looks like Hugh had a great time at his b'day party and how sweet of him to include his little sister in the "army games" too!!! An awesome big brother!

All of your pages are great my friend - thanks for mentioning the mini-kit! ;)

I'm flying home later today.... I had a great,great time but Im ready to go back to my routine! ;)


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