Sunday, April 11, 2010

And there you have it!

And there you have it! I blinked and the two week break is over! *sigh* ... one more week and I think I would be good to go! Oh well. I tried to keep it quieter this week, but still there was so much happening.

I took HEAPS of fun photos this week. That made me really happy. My inspiration to shoot outside my box is my gorgeous friend Leah. You simply must check out her photography website HERE - her work is breathtaking. So having wandered through Leah's flickr gallery and been truly motivated, I came up with these shots below. Just some of our everyday moments from this past week.

The children and I did venture to Bunnings (hardware store) to decorate bags ... so watch out Grandma ... when we see you this coming weekend you will be the envy of all other shoppers with your gorgeous new acquistions!

Our shopping centre offered some free sandart days ... the children always love that, so we ventured up there a couple of days also to make these creations.

Apart from that the children were really good at amusing themselves at home ... Hugh playing cars and still diligently working on lego. I luckily convinced him to open an "old" box and that took him a couple of days to re-create. They also ventured out for some chalk drawing ... I can't help but grab my camera when that happens.

Then a very excited little girl comes and tells me (in a very proud voice) I simply MUST come outside to see what she can now do! Super work Katie ... and Mum did great with her 500mm too! LOL!

With April here I forced myself to get out my Powershot and stand in front of the bathroom mirror and do our annual photo shoot. "Why?" asked Hugh. I tried to explain the importance of capturing our days together and doing this each April was now a bit of a tradition. When we finished he said, "that was fun Mum".

Katie had a little friend over to play one day. Gosh I just LOVE watching little girls play and I drew them a pretty mean hop scotch grid too :)

I was totally cracking up over the constant whispering ... such girls and so soon all this secretiveness! I just had to capture it for future scrapping.

Photo challenges this week ... I have set the challenge of within five miles or about 8kms from your home. Time to check our everyone's local area. Here is our favoured 'tree park' location a couple of clicks from home.

My P52 shot had to be one from our little photo shoot ... this one really makes me smile: my ever protective boy and my cheeky little Chonka!

Scrapping this week .... please click on any pages for credits.
Fabulous new kit from Nina:

My lego page using products from Emily Powers:

A fabulous kit collab with Ange and my wonderful friend Val capturing our adventure Easter weekend:

Finally Natasha has a new kit out also:
Thanks for looking everyone and have a fabulous week!


MariaT said...

the photos are all really great!! love katie's pigtails in the jump rope ones and the lighting in your little family shots is beautiful!

Kami said...

You really inspire me to start taking more photos of our everyday life! Gosh those pics of your kiddos are so great and your annual April photo is just fantastic!!!

Amy said...

Looks like a fun week of photos and activities. Is that a 500 supposed to be 50 or did you get a new lens?

Sue said...

You call that quiet??? You've taken some gorgeous photos this past week Helen ... love the action shots of Katie playing with the skipping rope, and talk about a blast from the past ... I remember playing hopscotch in the school playground many, many years ago ... the crocs & flipflops are just too cool BTW!

So fun that your annual photo is a mirror shot ... turned out brilliantly though!

I guess now that the kiddies are back at school, you'll be spending this week getting back into routine, right? Whatever you're up to, enjoy it!


BearFamily said...

Love all the free activity's you did at the shopping centre! Wish we could have some free activity's here. Love the sand art, it's the same Keanu did last month or so (but it costs € 2,50 ). Love your updates!!!!

Nini said...

I love the photos Helen! So many awesome photos of your kids... love the pink Crocs and the hopscotch shots!!!
Every time I come over to visit your blog I feel like grabbing my camera and running out to take some pictures!!! LOL!! Can I borrow your kids, though? ;)

Nancy said...

you've inspired me to do a shoot with vinny. i may have to pay him, but it will be worth it, i'm sure!

Zizazzi said...

I just love the photo of your girl and her friend ;-)))

and you made beautiful LO as usual ;-))

Ella said...

who, Helen, as usual your photo are so nice, I'm very jalous ;) indeed you have pictures that...everybody want ! the one with your girl and her crops, playing to the "marelle" (word in english ??) is amazing. Thanks to share with us.
Smack !

Yummers! said...

I love the close-up shot of the paintbrush on the paper. Katie jumping rope... a close second!! All of the photos are great... I'll have to try the doggie and I in the bathroom mirror.

And applause for Bunnings Hardware... my favorite hardware store in the world!!
Grammy J

Jodie Redman said...

Sounds like you had a great break! Love the photos of Katie jumping rope. Have a great weekend.

Jacqueline said...

Ahh, your photos, Helen, what can I say ? they may my heart sing
thanks you for sharing them with everyone - please may I have a copy of the 3 of you (the b/w) if you intend to scrap it understand - and the ones of Katy skipping and any of Hugh - must visit your flickr site
this isn't the place to beg :)
hope you're now back to 2 days a week and have more time for you & dear family.
lotsa hugs

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