Sunday, December 14, 2008

Thank you ..... from the bottom of my heart

As most of you know I have been super busy with Katie's birthday and party day the past two days - stay tuned for photos to come. However, I just had to make a couple of quick blog entries to thank THE most amazing friends who have gone out of their way to help celebrate my little girls birthday.

It truly bought a tear to my eye. Thank you does not seem enough to say but know that it comes from the very bottom of my heart.


Wendy said...

Aren't they gorgeous!! You are very blessed Helen with all the friends you have!! Not only did Katie get gifts for her birthday but so did you! That makes it extra special!

Bohanon Family said...

Oh Helen... what a wonderful, beautiful gift to get!! You are obviously very loved and your family valued!! These LO's are precious!! What a blessing!

Leah. said...

4 and Fabulous!! Too cute!
Great layouts!

Jorinde said...

Hi Helen, just went to have a look at all your party photo's and saw this entry!!! Your very welcome and the funny thing is that I think all LO look good together :)
and it was fun scrapping with an other girl apart from Mellie, although Mellie did ask me why I was making a page with this girl in it? She is so funny. When I told her that Katie had a brithday, I didn't have to explain any more!

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