Thursday, December 11, 2008

Hugh's school Christmas concert - turn your volume down!

Last night we had the end of year school Christmas concert. Hugh has had a great year and he was so excited. Nervous excitement. Thank goodness the torrential rain of the night before was nowhere in sight.
Here is Hugh with his two best buddies. Not a great shot with the sun glaring in their faces, but seven year old boys who are highly excited are not about to pander to an annoying mothers photographic demands LOL! I took what I could get.

A typical shot of Hugh....frowning just like his Pa!! Also impatient for his grade's turn. And my little chonka (last day of being three - boo hoo) was absorbed by all the singing.
And yes I was there! Tried to get Den to take a photo, but like I said, the sun made photos tough to take.

This video comes with a warning....turn it down! LOL! But I had to include it as Hugh was so proud and smiley giving me a knowing look and holding up a pudding (read below).
I also wanted to share the words - which you can't hear - with my overseas friends. So I shall write them down for you:
"Christmas where the gum tress grow there is no frost and there is no snow. Christmas in Australia's hot, cold and frosty is what its not. When the bloom of the Jackaranda tree is here Christmas time is near. From England came our Christmas fare they even said what Santa should wear. But here downunder for summers cool, Santa should dip in a swimming pool"


Wendy said...

lol, you were right about the volume, Yikes!! So glad you wrote the words down...was laughing and drew a croud! Santa looked pregnant...I looked for the Aussie Jingle bells to load on my music selection for my blog but couldn't find it, boohoo! So glad Hugh had fun!! Love the photos!! And the sun!

Leah. said...

LOL!!! That is loud, but so cute!! I wish my camera had video!!

It's so hot and sunny there! Wow! So different on this end of the world.

I hope Katie has a wonderful 4th birthday!

Yummers! said...

You know how much I love, love, love it when you share a video with audio. Let me amend that...
Thanks for the words!

Was that a very pregnant Santa I saw?
Grammy J.
I bet Katie is going to have a great birthday eating those peas!!

Jodie Redman said...

That's a fantastic shot of Hugh & the boys. I thought our grade did a fantastic job with their song! TFS the video.

Nancy said...

how cute is that song? i remember when my cousin jenn moved to florida, and we talked to her the first christmas she was there, they were having a barbeque. A barbeque for christmas!! it just didn't seem right. we've got a long way to go before we get any warm weather around here.

BearFamily said...

OH I love that song, I think the '"Aussies" are the only ones who can sing this, lol. And Happy Birthday To Katie, she's getting a big girl now, at least I think that "4" sounds big already, luckily I have to more years to the "4" !!

Val said...

Miss H... you are a real danger!
What am I suppose to tell to the two I woke up, with your sound AND my laugh? ( wonder which one was louder though)

Glad to see hugh had fun.
Hope everything will be fine today ( god, I don't know which day you are... :D)

Kami said...

OMG!! Total cuteness!!!

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