Sunday, December 14, 2008

Thank you Wendy!!!!!!!

Dear Wendy, thank you for your lovely gifts. I was sooooooo excited. The new Barbie outfits are so great....and no lace! Mum is happy and grateful too! Love Katie

While I was busy typing, these two Barbie were having the biggest conversation. Wish I had taped it.
When Wendy told me she was sending Katie a "talking" card and laughed menacingly, I thought "uh-oh". I imagined one of those loud laughing ones. But when we opened this one....well in Katie's words it was just pure "magic". We now fight over who gets to open it (even Hugh) we all love it so much. I think Katie's shining eyes say it all Wen - and her huge smile - lol! (We had just come back from the creche Christmas party thus her Barbie Fairytopia face paint!)
Thank you Texas Wendy


Amy said...

Very exciting for her!..and you!
I still have the wedding dress my Grandmother made for my barbies. But with two boys, it will stay boxed until grandchildren?????????

Wendy said...

MWA back at you Katie!! You are very Welcome and I am so glad you enjoyed everything!! I knew I had to out do last years card and when I opened that one I knew it was perfect! A princess song for a princess!! So glad she had a good Birthday!! I can see the sparkle in her eyes and loved the video! Thank you Helen!

Kami said...

I can't get enough of these cute videos of your kids!! Such fun! Glad that Katie had a wonderful birthday!!!

Jodie Redman said...

What more could a girl want than more barbie outfits! Gorgeous card too.

Leah. said...

Eek!!! What a cute card!! She probably played it a thousand times hey?

Jorinde said...

That video is so cute, and what a great card, can't believe all the barbie stuff that is out there! LOL

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