Monday, December 29, 2008

Right back atchya Amy!

So my friend Amy did a fun blog entry for Hugh and I (you can see it by clicking here). I don't think we can beat the 723 pieces Amy and boys! The one glass of wine I can surely out do, but here we go ....

Bionicles laid on! I thought I was clever placing all the pieces in a tin bowl for Hugh .. NAH! Do you know how loud lego in a tin bowl sounds early in the morning as one fossicks for pieces outside their parents bedroom - REALLY LOUD! I quickly switched him to a cardboard box.

A couple are too hard and require DAD's help - quickly had to get that one in. But not to worry, I have not got off scott free! I have been researching Tamgagotchi's on the internet. They are now
fed and happy but if anyone has any clues on how to "bond" with them drop me a line will you.
So here you go Amy, Hughie proudly showing off his latest Bionicle addition that he assembled all by himself - woohoo! Got to love that!

I have also been multi tasking - being the sensational woman/mother that I am - LOL! I have dressed and adorned Barbie and Bratz for the past four days! Sheesh! Do you know how many accessories these girls have???? I had to especially bring your attention to the teeny tiny nail polish bottle. Take a good look at it. For you see my daughter would lose her nose only it is attached to her face so this little bottle is seeing its last days of sunlight before it falls into the deep abyss that is my daughters bedroom.

Finally a special note to Wendy and Michael's Grammie who I am told made this sensational .... doily? Large coaster? Small placemat? Oven holder? Well Grammie, your handy work adorns permanently on our kitchen table, ever ready for that hot pot to come along. Thank you ever so much.


Val said...

lol, I love this nail polish!
ah ah ah ... and I really get what you call abyss room ... I think I know what you are speaking about!

Leah. said...

Oh my!! THe nailpolish! Yikes. I would mysteriously "lose" that. LOL

As for the tamagotchi, you can "bond" with him or her by just playing games with it. I'm sure there is a button that allows you to play. The more you "spend time with it" well you know.....

My kids had them for a couple years. They usually killed theirs though... ahem.

Love the Bionicles!

Wendy said...

Laughing at the Legos in the tin bowl...lesson learned!! As to Lego kits a think next year we will ask Santa to tone them perhaps by then Michael will be able to do them himself, lol...So glad I am not alone....Laughing at the itty bitty nail polish...Yikes! Another reason why I am glad I have a BOY!! LOL...Good luck with the fashion shows, lol...
LOL...My Mother is embarassed as she says that was not the greatest sewing job on her pot holder...I told her you don't understand...Helen and I can't sew and we think that is beautiful, lol...
Tamagotchi...yikes are those the same things my step-daughters played with 20 years ago? lol...Good luck keeping them alive!!

Yummers! said...

I am amazed at what kids can build with Legos. Hugh... you are amazing! Love the story about the legos in the bowl.

Katie's collection of teeny tiny doll goodies brings back memories. Everything is so little. Except all the Barbie Vans, etc. that filled up the girls' rooms. My patience goes out to you.

Can't believe your beautiful sunny and warm days. We live in the tundra up here!
PS How do I earn my way back onto your blog list??

Jodie Redman said...

We have mountains of Lego at the moment too! Will remember not to put it a tin! I hear you on the tiny barbie bits - Ella got a set of furniture and it has tiny knives and forks amongst other things - I am sure it will all be lost within the week! Can't really help on the tamagotchi - both my kids always kill theirs!!

Amy said...

Thank you Hugh! Levi was in my lap in 30 seconds. "When can we go to his house, Mom?"
And I used a plastic Tupperware container.
Don't know much about Toma-whatsy. We are into Webkinz.
Great post!
Happy New Year!

evanwick said...

This has me laughing so hard. I can just hear those lego pieces hitting the bowl! Nice try though. And yes...Rosie has similar teeny weeny bits and pieces that will surely never be seen again. It's hard enough keeping track of the shoes!

Nancy said...

enjoy it now girlfriend, for in no time you will be spending christmas on itunes trying to figure out how to get music on that little piece of hardware! or worse, trying to figure out how to get the x-box hooked up to the wireless router so your son can talk to kids all around the world. i miss the lego days! i was good with legos!

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