Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Years Resolution

Enough is enough. Katie is four now. War is declared. Katie has been toilet trained for .... so long I have forgotten. Except of a night! A couple of months ago I was sick of putting her night nappy in the bin each morning and told her she had to do it. Well ... you would be amazed the places I have found carefully hidden stinky nappies! YUCK! Behind pillows, deep in the recess of her wardrobe and today in her toy box. ENOUGH! War is declared! I wanted her to go cold turkey, sleep in it for a few nights and that will soon cure her. But nope, Dad has reached a compromise - no one will talk to her or feed her of a morning until her stinky nappy is off and in the bin.

That is our New Year's Resolution.
What is yours?
Gotta be better than this one! LOL!


Nancy said...

omg what a riot! i'm sure she'll get the hang of it, at least your doing the best you can. my new years resolution is to be more organized and try not to change my mind every five minutes. haha, you think i can do that? lol!

Jodie Redman said...

OMG we have the exact same problem!! Good Luck!!

MariaT said...

That's so funny that she's hiding them! But probably not to you. We just started the process for potty training Jack and to only have a night diaper to change would be a dream...

Christine said...

Had to comment on this one! Noah will be 4 in March and is still in diapers! He was almost fully trained in September but has since decided he'd rather be like his little brother. I've tried EVERYTHING! Now I'm bribing with cookies. But I'm determined this boy will be wearing underwear SOON! So now my New Year's resolution isn't much better!!! But, I can't believe she was hiding them!!!

Wendy said...

Uh Oh...I wonder who will win this war...Super Nanny or Ms. Katie, lol...My bets are on Super Nanny!!Good luck...No resolutions here...take one day at a time!

Happy New Year!! MWA!

Leah. said...

Good luck!!!!!
Joseph is 3 and not potty trained at all!!!
I wish you luck and I think your plan will work.

stevie kay said...

We're setting a similar goal, but for the daytime. The problem isn't my DS, but me. We're so busy running everywhere all the time and it's difficult to keep him near a bathroom, so I just throw a diaper (nappy) back on him and totally set everything backwards. >>sigh<< they weren't kidding when they said toilet training is tough ;-)

Val said...

ah ah ah...
god I remember when melissa decided to get the night nappy off.
It was the night before a day off, and I had NO bed protection ( I know, I an stupid...)
So we negotiate with her that she will keep the nappy one more night ... lol

Katie, you are the best, and you will do it before mum believes it!

helen, it will be ok, she won't have a nappy on a wedding... so what... ;-)

Have a GREAT 2009, all of you!

resolution here ... new year eve is in few hours and nothing is ready ... better go in the kitchen NOW!


evanwick said...

Happy New Year!!

You always make me laugh! We are still doing *pull ups* over night and some mornings Rosie wants her *soggy-oggy* pull up taken off immediately and other mornings I have to chase her around. I don't expect us to make it through the night consistently any time soon. :)


Kami said...

LOL!! Ok, well that is a good one! Good luck to all of you! I will begin the whole toilet training thing later this year and I am not looking forward to it. Kaden was easy, but with the twins I think it might be a bit of challenge. ???

My resolution is to have more patience and to just let things go when they don't go my way. I am so stubborn and a control freak!!

Happy New Year, Helen!!!

Yummers! said...

What a story! I can't imagine the surprise of finding a used nappy... love the word nappy.

Oh, sweet Helen... I just saw my name back on the 'OK' list and I felt like a human again. That was so cute of you.

I spent the whole day today... literally... organizing my mass of digital materials into nice organized folders and files. They were all in one folder before... ugg!

You're already enjoying 2009... we're still treading water over here. I'm too tired to make it til midnight. Our bed is calling my name.
Happy New Year!

BearFamily said...

Hahaha, she's so funny!! How creative to hide all the nappy's. Maybe I know a method to get her of the nappy's. Just put her first her underwear on, and over that a nappy instead of first nappy and then underwear. A friend of mine told me this trick, and with some kids it seems to work.

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