Wednesday, January 30, 2008

WATCH OUT! It's a red back!

The boys were clearing out some old wood for the hard rubbish collection - wearing gloves I might add. When Den calls for me to get my camera and take a photo of this for the blog. Australia's most deadly spider! The red back! He (the spider) obligingly stayed very still whilst I "super macroed" him - lol! Before trying to scuttle away and finding the end of Den's spade. To read more about this (and I know you will HB) here is a link: red back spiders


Wendy said...

Excellant!! Good eye Den and Great photo Helen!! I love it!! Also interesting reading Helen, you knew I'd ask. It is related to our Black Widow spider....You just made my night and I'm sitting here smiling...ahh HB jr. is doing a Grand job!!

Nancy said...

DEADLY?? and in your yard?? Yikes! we don't have anything like that here. (that i know of anyway!) the only thing i have to worry about is a chicken hawk carrying my dog away for lunch! she's that small.

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