Monday, January 28, 2008

Wiggly worm...W W W...wiggly worm...W W W...that's the sound that "W" makes!

All last year at school Hugh would learn a little song on the pronunciation of each letter of the alphabet - rather catchy ie. angry ant a a a - angry ant a a a. Well today we had a "W" day - Work (into the office with Daddy), Webs and Weeds (everywhere around our house and it was time for them to go), Washing (always plenty of that!) ..... Den said maybe we should do it on Wednesday and Hugh asked Why and When We laughed he could not see Why. Oh Well!! At least Katie has caught on and my little diva has been singing our little "W" song ALL day!


Leah & Terry said...

Love the song and the cute pic of Katie pulling weeds, can you teach my kids that?

Wendy said...

Oh Goodness now you've got me singing the 'W' song, lol...sounds like a Wonderful day, lol...Thank you for the explanation of the Weeds and Webs...I'll have to remember this letter song thingy, lol...I did dog poo would that be a 'D' day or a 'P' day, ha ha ha...I'm so funny :o)

Yummers! said...

I wanted to email you and couldn't find your email address. I'm so far behind in commenting on blogs. But I want you to know how much I loved the video. What is that nickname you call her??

I have all kinds of alphabet songs after years of 1st and 2nd graders. I'll be humming them all afternoon.

I think that Hughie is a real trooper... he tries so many new things. Sorry the munchkin is afraid of the broadwalk cracks. That will pass and then there will be something new. My Wendy was like that.

Off to take lunch out of the oven.
Grammy J

Angie said...

How Wonderful and Witty and Wacky and Well. . .I'm out of W words.

I love this post, by the way!!!

Nancy said...

LOVE your journaling here!!

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