Sunday, February 13, 2011

Two weeks down ...


Outside my window... cloudy and cool ... where is the sun?
I am thankful for... surviving my first two weeks back at work
From the kitchen... yummy yoghurt with passionfruit topping
I am wearing... grey 3/4 trackies and tshirt
I am creating... editing some photos in Lightroom
I am going... to two parties today for little girls
I am reading... the sequel to Phantom of the Opera
I am hoping... the sun will come out later and I can go outside and read
I am hearing... Den's loud podcasts
Around the house... everyone is on some form of technology *sigh*
One of my favorite things... my new pandora charm for Valentine's Day
A few plans for the rest of the week... Katie coming to school with me on Wednesday and then her testing after school, parent/teacher interviews (with my 'teaching hat' on) til 7:30pm Thursday, taking Katie to her new found dance class next week ..... just to name a few ;)

You can join the simple woman's daybook where every day is a blank page..... and participate in creating a list of the simple things and every day moments of our daily lives.

Here are some pictures I am sharing ...

My P52 selections for the past couple of weeks:

some fridge art.... hearts = green for Dad, red for Hugh, purple for Mum and rainbow up the top for everyone. Quite clever!

and then I spied this beauty that I had to record for P52

The tail end of Cyclone Yasi whipped us good .... but luckily advanced no further than the sunroom

My mother's 80th birthday last Monday - the whole family went out to celebrate last weekend.

Have a wonderful week everyone!


Sue said...

Morning Helen,

Has it stopped raining yet? Has the sun finally made an appearance & started to dry up all that water in your sunroom? I hope so! Thankfully (touch wood), we've never had any kind of flooding or severe weather damage, but a few years back, lots of friends on the other side of town got flooded out when the river Thames burst its banks after 24hrs of non-stop-torrential rain (which resulted in a commute home, which normally only takes 15minutes, taking nearer 3hrs!!!)

Fridge art is fabulous ... in fact, I think I'm going to set up a blog feature, whereby I ask everyone to take a photo of their fridge door ... love seeing what people "pin" there!

Happy [belated] birthday to your mum ... I can definitely see the family resemblance!

Enjoy what's left of your weekend & hope you have a great week ahead.


Nancy said...

helen, those portraits of your mother are outstanding! sorry to hear you're having bad weather, i thought you were just really good at cleaning your sunroom floor!

leiko said...

Um yeah, that cake is TDF! :) BeaUtiful portrait of your mom! Sorry to hear about that horrible weather - hope the sunshine falls upon on you all soon! xo.

Yummers! said...

Happy Birthday to your mom/mum. She looks so lovely!!

WOW! That is a lot of water. So sorry you had to go through that mess. Your country is really getting hit hard this year.

Grammy J

Val said...

OMG, helen
So sorry for the water thing, and the cyclone... I hope everything will get back tonormal, with sun, in the sun room.!!!
have fun with your teachting meeting sweetie ;-)
Yeah to Katie to go to the danse class, she will LOVE it!
Love U sweetie

LDArtist said...

LOVE your kitchen art gallery! Hope your Mom had a wonderful birthday! Send her best wishes from the states! :-D

Jacqueline said...

Hello, dear Helen
love the fridge art - definitely keepers especially the I love my family one!
Beautiful photos of your mother and Katie - gentle loving face - you have the same expression.
Yummy looking cake!
I do hope you don't have any more weather problems - nasty having floods. It's been a bad year for Australia and now just heard more floods in Carnavon but that's west isn't it (?)
Brilliant sunshine here today tho cold and snow forecast next week - tho they've been wrong recently so?
I don't mind the snow and having the sun is glorious.
Happy to hear Katie is taking dancing - tho from her photos don't think she needs much help :)
take care and
lotsa hugs

margote05 said...

That's it, I returned lol I am satisfied to have found the road of your blog;) I also made a list as you and I am going to try to make one every week. I like very much the principle! Once again, your photos are very beautiful. I like very much that of the table outside. And the photos of your mom also. Cross(spend) a very beautiful week!! Hugs

BearFamily said...

Sorry for the late visit :-) , happy belated birthday to your mom, she looks great, love the photo with her and Katie, my parents never want to go on photo even not with Keanu, I only have a photo of them when Keanu was just born. Well anyway, I see you didn't had too bad weather as I have seen on television ? But I also see your summer weather is not the usual one. I am waiting for spring, at the moment there are only rainy days. Take care, Astrid.

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