Sunday, January 23, 2011

One week holiday to go ...


Outside my window... afternoon sun is pouring in, waiting for it to cool down
I am thinking... I must go out for a walk then
I am thankful for... sunny days & watching the Australian Open
From the kitchen... Den made some awesome burgers
I am wearing... grey 3/4 trackies and singlet top
I am creating... some worksheets for my Senior classes to start
I am going... to the park for pizza shortly
I am reading... some great pdf's on photography on my ipad
I am hoping... for a great last week
I am hearing... Katie playing on the floor beside me
Around the house... the tennis is on in the background
One of my favorite things... raspberry spiders Den made - have not had one for years
A few plans for the rest of the week: folks tomorrow, school to set up a couple of days and Australia Day on Wednesday
Here are some pictures I am sharing ...

You can join the simple woman's daybook where every day is a blank page..... and participate in creating a list of the simple things and every day moments of our daily lives.

Last Sunday we went into the city to see the Legoland display. With a four hour wait and a queue stretching four city blocks to get in, we changed our minds much to Hugh's dismay. But we passed the time nicely ....

Home with my shadow to work on our "secret diary" apps:

The Chonk insisted on lace up school shoes this year and to her credit learnt to tie them in a day!

Thursday we went for our annual family day to Cowes, Phillip Island. We just can't get enough of the place.

I am delighting in the Ali Edwards course on "One Little Word" for 2011 and can't wait to do my monthly assignments. Finally finished my January pages:

Love my jewellery .... I was excited to find Lisa Leonard hand making jewellery with my 'one little word':

Finally my Pandora bracelet arrived (held up in the Queensland floods). But well worth the wait - Den selected my first charms to represent each member of my family .... can you guess?

Scrap pages for this week - credits HERE:


margote05 said...

I understand that with 4 hours of line, you changed your plans ;) Helen, I feast every time I come here. Your photos are really magnificent!! And that makes a lot see your sunny photos while here, it is the winter ;) your pages for January are magnificent and all your other pages also;) cross a good week and thank you for inspiring me so much. Big kisses

BearFamily said...

Lovely to read your latest news again, love the photo on the beach with the boat, so peaceful! Going to write you a mail soon.
Have a great day.

Sue said...

Morning Helen,

I can't believe your summer holidays are almost over! Where the heck did that time go? Your photos truly are inspirational, they make me look at MY part of the world from a different view point ... and for that, I thank YOU!

My boss @ work (who also happens to be a good friend) has a Pandora bracelet and she LOVES it! I gave her a couple of new charms for Christmas & she was delighted. And I really must check out Lisa Leonard's jewellery ... I've seen many people blogging / Tweeting about it, but not looked in detail!

Anyhoo, hope you have a FABULOUS last holiday week. Take care my friend!


Nini said...

Yay! Love that you are doing the Simple Woman's Daybook!! It always inspires me to start my week!

Your photos are amazing as always ... wish I had the guts to start taking more photos myself....

I had no idea you posted your OLW pages already!! Off to check them out and leave you some love! They look fabulous!!!!!!!!

MariaT said...

oh the beach looks so nice right now...(jealous)

Jacqueline said...

Thank you for sharing again - if I was to comment on each photo and bit of news it would take pages, dear Helen.

Wonderful, wonderful photos ! they show the fun and happiness of the past week - now I must check out the bracelets and Ali's OLW
love the SW daybook too
lotsa hugs for you and yours!

Jane said...

wow Helen!! you have some awesome phots there and that jewelry you's wonderful!! I have not done very well with my Simple Woman's Day Book!! I will try to do better...loved reading yours! Hope you and your family is having a wonderful week!

Anonymous said...

love the new look, helen!

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