Friday, January 14, 2011

The half way mark ...

Summer holidays are about half way done. The past two weeks have been the extremes in weather - brilliant beach days to now, torrential daily rain. Still, I am grateful not to be further north where so many are facing terrible hardships. I have decided to adopt my friend, Nini's, blog approach for a quick summary each post. With that being said:
.... FOR TODAY ....

Outside my window...the rain continues to fall
I am thinking...I want to work on my 'to do' list skills for I am failing miserably
I am thankful for...holidays - wet as they are
From the kitchen...there are lunch dishes to be stacked away
I am fave summer PJs
I am first entry for 'One Word' workshop
I am brave the rain and do my grocery shopping
I am reading...a fabulous book - so happy its book one
I am hoping...for the sun to shine this weekend
I am hearing...Hugh playing Forza on xbox
Around the house...things are relatively peaceful
One of my favorite yummy leftovers I just ate - gluten free pasta
A few plans for the rest of the week...hoping to get out Sunday to the city

You can join the simple woman's daybook where every day is a blank page..... and participate in creating a list of the simple things and every day moments of our daily lives.

Now to the photo journaling .....
Loving P52 (though will end up much more!) Here are some recent additions:
My girl struggling with leaving my side. As we watched a movie the other day I was struck by this below ... her two favourite securities - me and her teddy.

My regulary way to relax and unwind

The 'monster' telling me to back off from his Daddy - the cat that thinks he's a dog


Last weeks incredible beach days

This week's rain has seen a schedule of games and activities to do:


playdough and Barrel of Monkeys

To today .... word games and 'Penguins' don't let them fall!

Click here to go and view the latest scrap pages and read credits:


Yummers! said...

I really love your format today... fun to read and fun to view. Great words and great photos.

Your kids are always playing with something that looks so interesting.

Grammy J

Zizazzi said...

beautiful pictures helen .. as usual !! Enjoy your hollidays !!!

BearFamily said...

Wowza !!! Great photo's again, I can keep looking at them. So fun to see your indoor activity's too, so much the same as overhere, lol.Enjoy your further weeks of holiday.

salamandre said...

Helen, your photos are truly beautiful! I love them!!!
Enjoy your hollidays mon amie ;-)

Sue said...

Morning Helen,

Hope the rain has stopped and you're able to enjoy the outside world! I've been watching the wild weather from "down under" over the past week or so and I'm utterly gobsmacked at what I'm seeing. Thank goodness it's nowhere near you, but my heart goes out to everyone who is having to deal with it!

Still, the weather doesn't appeared to have dampened your activities. Great shots of the kids keeping themselves entertained! Hope you enjoy the rest of your summer break ... I can't believe how quickly it's going.

Anyhoo, have a great day in the city and if you're going by the Elephant & Wheelbarrow, don't forget a photo!


Amy said...

Glad to see you are enjoying your vacation and time together!

Leah. said...

Forgive me chicky for being so behind on your blog! How I've missed it. Love your new header and the amazing photos. Hugh is looking especially grownup these days!

Miss you!

margote05 said...

I like very much the presentation of Nini then I am satisfied that you adopted it;) and so happy to know that the bad weather did not get(touch) you even if I think of all the persons who are in the poverty at the moment.
Your photos are really fabulous. I like very much the assembly and the treatment which you made on your day for the beach. And I always feast so much with your pages;) Hugs

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