Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Now the real holidays begin

Now I promise you not all blog posts will hold this much news ... but it is summer holidays right? I mean the first week after work/school finishes is just all about recovery; then its the week before Christmas which is always crazy; then the week between Christmas and New Year, Denny is home and there is never a routine that week.

So you see ... now! the holidays have really begun. Four fantabulous weeks of it.

I know I am thoroughly spoilt.

Now what can I share ... what have we been up to?

Well firstly, you can see I have gone for a new look. I have loved my 'black' background for the longest time, but this year with all I have to undertake, I want to go into 2011 with fresh eyes and a fresh attitude. So I am trialing the white ... what do you think? And as to my new blog header ... here is my first photo for my 2011 collection. Now let me say right from the outset ... I don't adhere strictly to P52 ... there will be more! But not to the total of 365 (I think!) This photo I constructed to make as my new blog header for the year. The mug was a Christmas gift from a very dear friend who I have never met, but knows me very well - my love of home and Jane Austen! It is very precious to me as is her friendship. So this photo encapsulates my work desk, my reading, my diary (and new pen Hugh especially went out and bought me for Christmas!) and my home comforts ... all the things I come in touch with on a daily basis that are me!

Firstly, one more shot of my boy on Christmas day. He is looking so older (and starting to becoming objectionally so at times!!) that it is rare to catch him unawares like this.

My little muse/shadow is 100% her Mamma's girl. Crying each night and begging to sleep with me, stating emphatically "I will never leave you Mamma!"


Here she is painting with one of her Christmas presents - she just loves to write and draw.

I just loved the detail on this one .....

During the New Year break we got rid of the "Mamma car" it was going to cost more to service it that it was worth. So here we are saying goodbye!

Now last day of the year was a stinker (HOT! The car said 48C/118F on the way home) and we had a quick trip to the beach. Do you think the kids were excited?

And as you can see, I am having waaaay fun playing with Lightroom ... just love what it does to some photos ......

The weekend we ventured into the city both days ... we call them 'mini adventures'. On the Saturday we went to the Myer windows ... this year's theme was 'Nutcracker' so I had to take my girl to go and see .....

And if you look really carefull in the shot below you may just see two people you know ;)

The kids have a blast ... looking like angels here but I know big brother is up to no good! You can tell by the cheeky grins!

Another Lightroom winner .... its just incredible that such a plain photo can be transformed into something so artsy. I love this - the old and new of Melbourne town!

And you just never know who might pop up in the background whilst you are trying to shoot! LOL!

On the second day into town, we promised ourselves some yummy Japanese ... we found this fabulous little place in China town and the food was DELICIOUS!
The kids LOVED their iced berry drinks (and I LOVE that my 50mm lens does this SOOC!!)

Den loved his Japanese beer .....

Now for the food ......

Am I making you hungry?

Of course to wash it all down with a Mocca Frappe on our waltz around town was a must. In a couple of weeks they are having a Lego expo, so I can see another trip in not too far way.

We finished off the day with a walk through the gardens. Melbourne is known as the "Garden City" and for good reason ... there are SO many gardens within walking distance of the city. Here is the Alexandra Gardens where Queen Victoria (who my state is named after) presides ...

Yup ... we just love where we live!

Click here to see this week's scrap pages and credits....


Val said...

oh my god! I am first

helen, love love love your "new" home.
White is ... fresh, and it is perfect for a good change;-)
Your header is WONDERFUL!!

and yes, the sushi makes me hungry!!!
Looking forward to go at work ( in 3 weeks) to go and grab some for lunch! he he he

Now, tell me, what makes Starbuck coffee SO famous?
I saw some starB coffe in the shop, shall I try, or they are "just" good when made at a starbuck place?

hum... looking forward for 2011!!!


Lenore said...

Oh, Helen!! Your photos are marvelous!! I soooo want to visit Melbourne sometime! Your pictures always bring it to life....make it all so enticing!! I especially love the pictures you take along the riverwalk....you always make it look so inviting!

Enjoy your month long break! We look forward to seeing more beach photos!

Please tell Hugh that James wishes he could play Nerf guns with him!!

We all send love! Hoping we can talk again soon!!

kym said...

Helen, I love the new look for the new year. It looks so clean and fresh! I love reading about your family happenings. It makes me want to visit Melbourne soon, it is on my travel list. Happy New Year!

MariaT said...

The new look is very fresh and I love it! I love those photos you've played with in Lightroom and your home land looks so beautiful. Someday I'll make it down there...

Nini said...

Love the new look!! And such an awesome post to mark the start of the new year!!!

Love all the wonderful photos of your city and your kids and specially touched by the one you chose for your header! I cherish our friendship and maybe someday we get to meet in person... It's on my bucket list, you know?

Oh, that food looks delicious!!! Yum!

Enjoy your break and please share more photos with us!

Wishing you a marvelous 2011 with all good things you deserve!!! ♥


BearFamily said...

Oh it's so great that you're back blogging!! And I love your new blogging look!! Your photography always gets me in 'ohhhs' and 'ahhhs', love your guiding tour around Melbourne so I can peek into your lifes, lol. We're looking for a new camera at the moment. Have fun during your summervacation, we all just start working again, Christmas vacation is over and we all got back to work and school. I have some beach photo's on my blog from last week, but they look a lot different from yours, lol. Take care !

Sue said...

Hi Helen,

I LOVE the new look to your blog! Personally I've always found reading white text on a dark background tricky ... no biggie, but I definitely prefer the lighter background. Your header photo is just ... wow! You've staged the components wonderfully and the lighting / focus is perfect. When I grow up, I want to be able to take photos like you do! You have an artists eye and you see shots that mere mortals would just walk by!

So, as you've got rid of "mamma car", does that mean you'll be replacing it with a newer model???

Enjoy the remaining 4 weeks of the holidays with DS & DD. I've no doubt you've got all sorts of fun & games planned. I love reading all about your family adventures, great or small!


Jacqueline said...

The white is startling - at first!
I, for one, am so happy you're showing more photos and telling your stories again! Those who want layouts can visit the "O" -
I'm selfish - I want Helen and Katie and Hugh and Den - and a bit of Melbourne and Australia thrown in for good measure.

And now beach photos - sunshine - playtime - it gets betterer (I know it's not a real word ;))

Love it all, dear Helen

lotsa hugs

Yummers! said...

Love your new header!

It was lots of fun seeing where you live and play. Great photos!

I love the movie "Strictly Ballroom". Actually bought it a number of years ago.

Hugs to all!
Grammy J

Amy said...

Great work Helen, love the new look! And lightroom I am jsut learnig your are way ahead of me!
enjoy your time!

margote05 said...

Helen, your photos are fabulous. I am in admiration!! Really it is magnificent. And kept silent masteries very well lightroom! Waouw, I have just taken a lot of pleasure to look at them! It is a real pity whom you are so far because I would like to share your mastery of the photo and to take a small meal with you. I am a gourmand and some of your photos give me hunger;)
Take advantage, please, of your holidays with your family. Hugs

Jodie Redman said...

Sounds like you are having a wonderful break. Did you get a new car to replace the old one? Where are the pics of that?! Fantastic photos of your mini adventures - looks like you are rocking Lightroom! I had heard there was going to be a lego expo I think we'll have to check that one out too. Love the new look to your blog - I am planning to get back to my blog this year (keep your fingers crossed lol!) Hope things are starting to improve with Katie's sleeping - but it is lovely that she feels that way! Looking forward to hearing all about your summer adventures!

Nancy said...

sounds like you're having a wonderful break, love the photos, love lightroom too! i got rid of my car on new year's eve. same thing, it cost too much to repair, so i got a new one.

Nancy said...

oh, and i forgot, love the new look. i like the white, it's fresh!

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