Sunday, June 20, 2010

Almost celebration time!

The end is in sight ... yes, one more week to go until term break. It has been a busy 11 weeks and I will be very grateful for the fortnight break. I am so proud of my family in this first six month adjustment on so many levels - we are working like a well oiled machine. But all good machines need a service every now and again ... right?

Or at least this Mum does.

Katie had a party on Saturday ... in a pub of all places! LOL! Well, technically the bistro with the kiddy playground. I took my book and settled in for a quiet read when my boys turned up for a bistro lunch. What a welcome sight to see them. We had a nice lunch the three of us whilst Katie played. Thank you boys.

When Katie came home and dumped her newly acquired party hat with her 'tiara' (headband to us peasants) and her wand ... I could not help but snap it.

And of course Hugh is still into the World Cup despite our embarrassing effort. I just love the way my boy fully absorbs himself completely into new experiences.

Above he made 'soccer' shirts for himself and his buddy from across the road. And below .. well this is so Hugh. I think I made lists when I was younger ... must have because I am THE greatest list maker today. He sits of a night writing and organising. I walked past this in the garage (below) and had to go and get my camera. Told you if nothing else this World Cup would prove a great geographic exercise.

Photo challenges this week. There is a fab new kit coming out at Matrioshki shortly that necessitated me taking these shots of Den. SO glad I did. Gaming is a big part of his life and he was very tolerant as I snapped away whilst he played. Below is my shot for P52 this week.

Amy set a great PCF Challenge of reflections this week. I tried a few but the weather was not on my side. Today I took these photos down by the lake before Hugh's football game. They were very grey and gloomy until I spiced it up in Picasa ... quite like the result.

Scrapping this week - please click on all images for credits.
CatScrap has this wonderful template on offer below with a challenge to go with it.

I just adored these papers at Matrioshki when I saw them ... what fun!

Kat has a fabulous 'stash' challenge at Oscraps. I used Kitty's fab kit to come up with this page about Hugh:

Nina has some fabulous new family word art:

And finally Ange has the most amazing offer at MScraps be sure not to miss it!

Have a fabulous week everyone!


MariaT said...

I hope your break comes up quickly for you! I love that shot of Hugh and his buddy and their homemade jerseys! Beautiful photos and layouts. That one of the duck looks like a painting or something...very cool!

Ange said...

loooove your pages Helen ! thank you !

Amy said...

Excellent reflection, Helen. Great gaming shots too. A possible pcf challenge one day?

Jacqueline said...

I love them all - the photos and the layouts - but the one of Hugh's lists is at the top I think - Is that a doodle in the top right corner?
So he inherits this list bit from Mum eh? Doesn't surprise me as if you weren't the most organised person you'd never get thru one of your busy days.
Wasn't it sweet of the 'boys' to join you for lunch....
You've captured the gamer in action too. lots to look at this week.
Have a wonderful family week - it must be early Monday morning now.
Left you some love at the galleries
lotsa hugs

A Look Into Nana;s World said...

Yay for the break Helen...I hope you enjoy your time off!! Katie's party sounds like fun, and I have to say a big BRAVO to Hugh for hanging in there for his sport...just because yout team doesn't do too well, you don't jump ship!! I don't like bandwagon fans!!! HAHA!! UUUHHMM...I have to say that your PFC challenge photo is GOOOOORRRRRGEOUSSSSSSS!!!!

((HUGS)) Linda

Leah. said...

I so look forward to your posts! I should have a scheduled blogging day! Hmmmm.
Your photos are great! I really loved Hugh's list photo! Don't you get excited to see them organized? I know I do!!!! Glad you have a break coming up. I'm looking forward to summer vacation. No getting up early, making lunches, homework! I hope you guy's can just relax and recharge.

So many great scrap pages too!


margote05 said...

Everything is magnificent as usual Helen! And I like very much the photo of the duck and the post-treatment! Bravo! Magnificent pages as usual with a very favorite for that with angel's kit and that with template of Catscrap! Take advantage, please, of your holidays all together! It is certain that we need from time to time to blow a little! For me, another one and a half week and it is the summer holidays! 2 months at the house! I am delighted!!! Good week Helen! Big kisses

Heather Landry said...

Your pages are always amazing, and your photos... sigh. I want to be like you when I grow up! LOL Hugh's home made jerseys were priceless, and I love his list.

Val said...

I read it all, and now... I don't remebr where to start with...
Except that I love Katie diadem, and that I also started to learn about geography with the Wolrd cup ... except for Iceland, since they are never showing up there ;-)
But Hugh, knows where is iceland, no?

wonderful shot my friend ( I have to get my hand on my camera, such a long time now ( well I need to take picture of "something else" swim?

I miss you my friend, and it is all my fault... will be back soon on PCF, not with a new shot :( but at least I will be back ;-)


Leiko said...

Seriously, Hugh's shirts are TDF! And funny that we BOTH posted about lists. I literally wouldn't know what to do without them. I get distracted very, very easily! Hope you're having a great week, friend!


Jane said...

Your work is always so inspiring!!! love looking at it!! the photo of Katie's princess hat and tiara is fanatastic as are all of the photos! I hope you have a wonderful term break!!!!

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