Sunday, March 07, 2010

It's always just the little things in life ....

Isn't it funny when you look back ... on a moment ... on a day, week, month, it's always the little things that one remembers. So my girl's Wednesday's off have come to an end ... *sigh*. While she is eager to begin a full week of school, I treasured and clung to our remaining "you and me" time together. This whole "you and me" day thing was a concept my mother started with me growing up.

The tradition continues.

So here is my girl this past Wednesday out in the backyard. It was a lovely day and one only needs give her a bucket of water and a paintbrush and off she goes. Simple but memorable.

You all know my love of reading and I long for the day I come down and happen upon a child of mine spontaneously reading. Hugh will read, enjoys reading ... but the catch is, when I tell him to. Katie I think will be a different *fingers crossed*. Quite often I will come upon her with a book and she has really taken to learning to read in these first few weeks of school - bless her little soul. She is so proud of her accomplishments - I think her smile of satisfaction says it all!

During my weekly house clean this past week I also came upon our box cupboard and it struck me ... I wonder when the day will come when I DON'T have to throw every cardboard box into it. My kids LOVE to create - in fact I think this lot has already been taken yesterday to make a robot. *sigh* I really must scrap about this.

My Project 52 photo this week is another thing I happened across in my house cleaning this week - I obviously don't clean enough to really notice these things LOL! Currently the children share a table for working on. Hugh was so fed up with Katie 'tornado' girl mess, that he requested a yellow demarcation line on the table. Quite funny really when you come to think of it. My boy so clean and ordered, my girl a walking disaster zone. How she comes home from creche and now school with all these stamps for "great cleaning up" I would love to know! Just goes to prove my girl is a home devil and street angel (another saying of my mothers) and all my lecturing proves useful somewhere ... just not at home!

This week in PCF Maria set us the challenge of "red". Here is what I came up with. I got out my wonderful Canon Powershot and utilised the "colour accent" function. Got to love that. I like my peg photo and Den who happened to be wearing red on Saturday, went out and quickly returned with a bunch of red roses and said "here is your challenge shot". Anything to get out of being photographed!

Scrapping this week - click on all images for credits.

I am hosting the March Camera Corner Challenge at Oscraps ... the number four!

Kim (aka Gilmore Girl) is in the spotlight and here is a lift of one of her pages.

We played a scrapping game over at Nina's CT ... I had to lift Nini! Eeek! Always loads of fun that game.

Finally Sue Cummings has some wonderful new goodies out:

Some pages ... for Ange:

Dawn Inskip:

and the latest collab from Shabby Pickle Designs:

Have a great week everyone!


Zizazzi said...

What a funny game to play with wonter and a paintbrush !! I must reid it ;-))
And I realy love the expression "my girl is a home devil and street angel" (I thinks that is my own case ;-))
love your pictures as usual .. ANd yoiur LO too of course ... The one for ANge is one of my favourite :-))
enjoued your week

Sue said...

So what are you gonna do with yourself on Wednesdays now? Perhaps it could become your "you time"?!?!?

I'm totally gobsmacked that Hugh's the tidy one! So not like most boys at all ... my brother is 40 and he's still a messy soul!!! Gotta love the yellow demarcation line though ... that's pure genius!

WTG Den for popping out and buying you red roses ... even if under the pretence of solving your photo challenge. Take note dear reader, Helen's DH puts my DH to shame (but I love him regardless. My DH that is, not Helen's DH. LOL!)

Hope you've had a fab weekend and have a great week ahead. Looking forward to meeting again next Sunday!


MariaT said...

That yellow line on the desk is too funny! And I love the first red shot you've done :)

margote05 said...

It is funny, I too played with some water and a brush when I was small;) and that makes me laugh a lot to see Hugh's order and disorder of Katie! Here it is the opposite! Charlotte is very orderly and Antoine lets drag everything!!!! I like very much your photos for the challenge especially the first one with clothes pegs! And as usual, I feast with your pages! Good week to you all!

Leah. said...

Den bought you flowers for your PCF shot? Ummmm, yeah, he's a keeper isn't he? Can he come over and give Terry a little heads up?????

Cracking up over the yellow division in the photo. I wish I could do that with my WHOLE house!

Amazing scrapping as always :)

Jacqueline said...

So obviously no water problems in your area... I know, I'll stop watching CNN!
Red roses? WOW I was chuffed when Dieter came home with a wee primrose yesterday! Still am, actually.
The yellow line is hilarious - that I won't mention to mrtoa. :)
your photos and layouts lovely - looking at the banner love the photo of the 4 of you
have a wonderful week - Wed. keep busy with the new lens & camera

Nancy said...

helen your photos are out of this world. i freakin love that closeline shot. going now to find it on flickr so i can add it to my favorites. i hope it's there!

Heather Landry said...

I love that you let her play with water and a paint brush that way. Much easier to clean than paint! LOL I have a daughter who is a home devil and a street angel too. She had a really interesting morning this AM to say the least! I am laughing like crazy at the yellow line on the desk. My son is very neat too. Both of his sister's are absolute slobs! LOL They love making messes. I say he inherited my OCD tendencies with having to have everything in it's place.

Amy said...

great shots helen! Looking forward to sidewalk painting andwrmer weather here.
Love the tape on the desk!

Jane said...

well, as usual...I sat here and drooled all over the computer!!!! gorgeous work Helen!! I love it when children are learning to read...what a thrill for them and the adults who are lucky enough to witness!!! Have a great week my friend!

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