Sunday, February 28, 2010

I think I have fallen in love!

I think I have fallen in love! This week I received my first pay cheque - a nice little reward. And to celebrate Den bought me a 50mm 1.8f!!! I have had my eye on this for some time - so many of my friends have it - Leah, Amy, Val and Selena to name a few - who swear by it. When I saw Nancy's photos this week and I was drooling onto my computer, I thought I have to have this lens! I put in a request for my birthday in April. I was rewarded early!

What an amazing lens! Hard to describe ... rich and vibrant but at the same time subtle and soft. Just got to get used to having a fixed lens. Take a look at this photo below. Katie and I got a new Disney CD from the library this week - just to add to our collection (take a look in sidebar) and I was busy adding numbers to our/my ipod. Here she is below dancing her little heart out to Hannah Montana "Best of Both Worlds"! LOL! She issued a request for pom poms! I obliged! But look at these photos - mostly SOOC - and her moving at a million miles an hour!

I wonder who gave her the cheerleading tips - hmmm ... lol ;)

Onto photo challenges for this week. My PCF52 - my very first photo with the 50mm! The late afternoon light streaming in our window is very harsh. But what a photo! Can you tell I am really impressed .... with Katie learning her words for school and my SOOC photo.

Linda set the fabulous "nature's grunge" challenge in PCF this week. As I was hanging out the washing on Saturday my eyes fell on this little fella literally "weeding" his way through our pavers out the back. Always nature attempting to reclaim.

Develop on Fridays is now fortnightly. This fortnight Jefra (new link in my sidebar) set a fabulous challenge of simplicity. I have become much more aware of distractions in photos, that is why I am a big fan of fill the frame. That is why I also struggle with many of the full body photos I require to do the fantasy/extraction scrapping pages I love to dabble in - I usually don't have any! The challenge was to take a photo and then simplify it. Here is Katie playing school and taking the roll. My out-takes:

My final selection:

Here is Den preparing lunch on Saturday - the out-takes:

My final selection - whilst still a "busy" photo, I converted to black and white as I really loved this shot telling more of the story.

Scrap pages this week (remember to click on all pages for credits) Oscraps: Spotlight to highlight some of the fab designers we have there:

Hollie of "Holliewood Studios" came out with this fab kit "The Thing Finder". I straight away thought of all the "I Spy" books or "Where's Wally" we have read. The children and I put this page together and had a blast.

Finally the very talented Emily Powers has these amazing textured photo overlays. I thought to try them all and then decide on one for my page. I could not decided and stuck with using them all! Combined with Nini's fabulous FREE frames, I really liked this page:

Catscrap news this week - a wonderful new collab out and one more using Dawn Inkip's kits - I loved the elements so much I thought they needed a page of their own.

Finally a couple of pages with Ange Designs. I always love a full pager and having done a few pages on the restorative powers of a cup of tea of late, I decided to adopt a different approach on this one and went with one of my favourite philosophers quotes.

Have a fabulous week everyone!


Sue said...

WTG Den for the early birthday present ... reminds me that I must put a not-so-subtle hint somewhere where my DH can see it!!!

Katie's obviously got talent and makes a great cheerleader ... very energetic, she really needs glittery pom-poms though. LOL!

Lovin' this weeks photos, especially your final selections. Please send Den over here so he can teach my DH how to cook!!!

Hope you have a wonderful week Helen, I look forward to reading your posts each Sunday morning (it's currently 9am Sunday morning here!)


margote05 said...

I am very satisfied for you Helen! I also have this objective and it is the one which I use most! It is fabulous!! As usual, I feast to come here! Photos are always magnificent and sublîmes pages;)

MariaT said...

Hurray for the 50! Mine lives on my camera about 90% of the time :) Your shots with it are fantastic and the light in the one of Katie and Den reading is amazing!
Great scrap pages, but that one page with the photo overlays and the frames of Hugh in the water is so cool!!

kym said...

Great photos! Will the canon lens fit on my husband's nikon or my point and shoot? Just joking about my point and shoot!

Nini said...

Awesome photos Helen!!! Enjoy your 50mm lens!!!!!!!
Loving all of your pages too!!!

Heather Landry said...

I really love the way you feature so very many photos on your blog Helen! It's such a neat way to get a peak into your life! My 5 year old has the same nightgown Katie does. LOL

Nichole said...

wow. ok. wow.

i want, i want!!!! a 50mm. so by fixed you mean, no zoom???? eeek!
so wonderful and thoughtful to get you a gift...
great photos, awesome pages... i love the one with the 3 'polaroid' type frames!! love the different colours of the photos
and i looooooooove that you say fortnight, instead of 2 weeks!
hahaha. it reaminds me of some of my most favourite books!

Lia Lotito said...

I felt the same when I bought my nifty-fifty! It's an amazing lens...
Love the photos and pages, as always!

Jodie Redman said...

How exciting to get your first pay cheque!! Yay for the new lens - the photos look great! Love the way Katie is dancing around - very cute! Can you believe we are down to the girls last Wed off? That time has flown! Have a wonderful week!

Val said...

Mouac! Take care

Nancy said...

WOOHOO! i knew you'd love it!! congrats! noting like it, eh? i use it constantly, probably too much. excellent motion shots of katie, and great shots of den in the kitchen. love your final pic for develop. have fun, i know you will.

Amy said...

Ahhh, the 50, true love ;)
And excellent pictures too!
I know you are loving it!

Jacqueline said...

Thought I'd better get caught up before you update this week!
Photos - love the Katie cheerleading I'm with Sue for getting her glitter pom-poms.
Love Den's idea of early BD pressies perhaps I can suggest this to mrtoa...
you're layouts continue to amaze me love Dawn's kits - the one of you and Katie so beautiful and the boy's kit so cute.
have fun with the new toy this weekend - will expect wondrous photos from you

Yummers! said...

I love what you and your new lens are doing... fantastic photos! I noticed it's a Canon lens. I have a Nikon. This will show you how little I know... Can I put a Canon lens on a Nikon or does Nikon have a similar lens. I need a new toy to get my camera in my hands again. Since Boyd died I have done NOTHING creative except 2 shadow boxes. I need some new pics to motivate me to get back in the scrapping swing.

Love your pages!!
Grammy J

katell said...

I have this lens too (for my Nikon camera)...and I'm in love with ;-)))
Your pictures are beautiful!!! and I love your lo's full page ;-)))
Holidays are finished?

BearFamily said...

Love the dancing Katie and love to see Den cooking. What did you get for lunch :-)

Jane said...

alright, I really am over here drooling (wiping chin as I speak!) the photos are go wonderful with the new lense!!! I'm thinking maybe I need one of those!!! to convince hubby huh?
Love the shots and the layouts...such a talent you are!!

Zizazzi said...

Love this blog, love reading your week, seing your amazing picture and your beautiful LO :-))
I must have missed something ...What do you do know for having a pay ?

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