Saturday, January 09, 2010

Now ... let the holidays really begin!

Although Hugh has been on holidays since the week before Christmas, it it is only this week that we have really got into it. Before Christmas it was too busy and the week after was disastrous for poor Den and we just hung around for moral support. So this week all my usual holiday plans kicked in. The highlight would have to be our three days at the beach. I hear the northern winter is really bad this year and I have been causing quite a stir in my various galleries and forums this week (who me?) with my summery talk and photos. We are so lucky to live 20 minutes from the beach and what better way to tell you about it than show you! I take my Powershot to the beach (which has video capabilities) too much sand for the SLR!!

Now for the still shots of our week. Firstly I need to thank Maria T for showing me these FABULOUS way of doing collages in Picasa! What a fun way to present the photos! Thanks Maria. Now this week ... let's see! After work on Monday it was off to Bunnings (hardware store) on Tuesday to create, make, glue, stick, design to their little hearts content! I *heart* my hardware store cause it's all for FREE! There was much animated discussion (as you can see on Katie's face) on how best to design the "gift" for Dad and what my boy wrote ... well ... that is my boy!

I am so thrilled that despite all the "mod cons" ie. DS and the like, my kids can really get into the ol' fashioned game of "Barrel of Monkeys"! I played this when I was a kid. Here Hugh is trying to teach Katie the "fine art" of picking up the best arm of the monkey!

Wed, Thurs and Fri were spent down the beach. My kids can play for hours with a bucket some water and sand. And whilst I should be reading more or listening to my ipod more, even taking photos more, I just can't help but be mesmirised by them and the whole scene.

And I have three words for you "I hate sand"!! I mean seriously, look at Hugh's butt! LO! Hugh was trying to teach Katie to boogie board and she was thrilled with the results. And although she has come a long way in her seaweed phobia, it would appear its fine dried up on the shore but still freaking her out in the water - thus the tears!

And this photo below? This is for my dear friend Nini! Thank you again! I LOVE IT!

Now we are off and racing for another year at the "Photo Challenge Forum" (PCF). The last challenge of 2009 was to choose our fave photo of the year! A very hard task indeed! After much deliberation I chose this one for many reasons - I like it, 2009 was about the last year at home with Katie, my fave time of day and the many wonderful adventure days we had throughout the year!

The first challenge for 2010 is "resolutions". I decided that I wanted to try and capture "open mindedness" ie. my approach to this new year. I thought the big open sky and our small presence in the world and the endless possibilities you just have to be open to was "maybe" captured in this photo. Thanks to Leah for making me really think about this challenge.
If you ever you are interested in joining our weekly challenges, links are in my sidebar.

I made a valiant attempt with Project 365 last year (a photo a day) and came up with 223 photos! I did not wish to undertake that mammoth task again but truly loved the concept. Therefore I am going to do Project 52 - a photo a week. Manageable one would think ... hope. This photo below is 1/52! Spoilt for choice this week with all my beach pics, but you can see I quickly scrapped this one with Ange's gorgeous new kit "respire" (breathe) which I think really sums up this shot.
Now onto scrapping for the past week. Most of my designers came out with kits this week - ARGH!!!!!!!!!! But I survived! As you can see Ange above has a wonderful new kit. Below I loved doing a collage of our weeks shots using Sue Cummings latest designs.
(please remember to click on all images for credits)

Selena is in the spotlight at Oscraps and it is all about journaling ... here are a couple of pages from me telling a story!

Nina and Leiko both came out with fabulous new kits:

Natasha - sweet thing apologised to me for this kit! Like she should ever do that! LOL! NO! Yes it is winter, however, I find Natasha's kits INCREDIBLE and beg, borrowed and stole a photo from Leah to help me through. Here is one page with my photo - tshirt maybe but look at the kit!

Kitty has some fabulous designs going on sale at Oscraps - I could not resist scrapping about my boys efforts in riding to school last year.

Finally ... my BIG and EXCITING news! I have been asked to Guest CT for Catscrap for the first three months of this year! How exciting! Could not say "no" to that and the chance to be with my favourite Princess (Annika). I am very honoured and thrilled to work with this amazing group of girls.

So here are my first two pages using the wonderful Catscrap goodies!

Have a fabulous week everyone! Stay warm up north and cool down south!


Sue said...

Congrats on your guest CT spot at catscraps Helen ... well deserved! As for the beach video - that definitely counts as torture ... cruel but fun too!!! hugs, sue.falstaff

Jodie Redman said...

Looks like you had a great week! Gotta love the beach - we went on Friday and going again tomorrow. I am hearing you about the sand though! So many wonderful scrap pages too! Stay cool and have a wonderful week!

schneeflocke said...

you've been busy, so many great layouts. and congrats on the guest spot

MariaT said...

Thanks for sharing the beach vid. I am not jealous right now. Nope, not at all...

Nini said...

First of all congrats on the guest spot at CatScrap!!!!
Love all of your layouts but specially the one with Ange's Breath kit and the one with your photo!!!!

I just loved and enjoyed taking a look at the video and hearing your voice!!!! Yey! .... And the beach looks amazing too!!!!

.... And last but not least...... thanks for "my photo".... I just hope you enjoy the book as much as I did!!

kym said...

I love your "open mindedness" photo. It is just stunning. Your blog is amazing! You must be every designer's model CT member. I don't know how you find the time to create all these layouts. Congrats on your guest CT spot at catscraps.

margote05 said...

Thank you very much Helen for this video filled(performed) with sun! You are lucky! Here it snows for this morning and there is an icy wind! I do not absolutely want to set foot outside so it is cold! Then take advantage of it, please, of the sun and the beach;) magnificent pages and photos as usual and I like very much your layout Picasa!!!! Once again, it is only of the happiness to come here!

Jacqueline said...

Wonderful news on your guest CT spot!
you blog is amazing full of life
And I'll even thank-you for the 'torture' video - it was so fun to hear your voice!!
you've had a fantastic week - continue to be mesmerised by your beautiful children - NOW is the time

Annika said...

YAY!! Cant tell you how happy I am that you are guesting with us! And my goodness you really need to post all those gorgeous photos/video from the beach *lol*. I am freezing over here and that looks sooooooo nice to be on the beach with a good book! JEALOUS!! Gorgeous pages as usuall and you have been busy!

Leah. said...

Love your summery video. Very nice!

Congrats on the CT at Catscrap, very deserving!

BearFamily said...

Hahaha, I really enjoyed all the things you wrote about, it was really fun, and I love to watch your video, but were are all the people at the beach??? I hardly can't find some? If I go to the beach this summer in Holland, I promise to post a photo, because you almost have to fight for a spot on the beach, you can walk on heads, as we say in Dutch. Don't think I will go there, we live about an hour and half from the beach. Love all your latest news and pages.

Nancy said...

barrel of monkeys was one of my favorites as a kid! that game will never get old, god it's been around forever. i'm envious of the warm weather, Amy and I went out today to shoot. It was 18 degrees! we must have been desperate. Beautiful scrap pages as usual! love the collages!

Leiko said...

seriously, you are THE most busy bee!!! Congrats on the guest spot over at Catscrap. Looking forward to all the gorgeous layouts I KNOW you're going to create! Loved catching up on all the fun going-ons in your life!


Zizazzi said...

Congrats for catscrap helen .. you really deserve it !!!
... Your picture of the beach are just so great ... I really want to take a plane right now and go back to australia !!! (but the 24 h plane ..and the 2000 € plane ticket can't give me this opportunity ....)
The vidéo of your childs is just so funny ... And to listen to your voice for the first time is a bit strange ;-))
See you soon on forums...

katg1006 said...

Oh my word Helen!!! That video is adorable - so nice to hear your voice :) I am now throughly jealous of the beach *sigh* so gorgeous!!!

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