Sunday, January 17, 2010

This week's news ...

Hope you all had a great week. School holidays continue here. Monday was at work once more. TG for DS! LOL! Keeps them very quiet - well laughing ... but amused! Tuesday we were off to Bunnings (hardware store) to make/decorate hats! Niiiiiiiice! Then sped off to the library to see "Circus in a Suitcase" great value for $1!!

The decision to go to Bunnings was a hard one! So hard in fact I had to scrap about it with these cool new stitches by Dawn Inskip's at Catscrap: (remember to click on all scrap pages for credits)

The weather was kind and we were off to Bon Beach on Thursday and Friday.

I tried getting a bit "artsy" or "bored Mum" at the beach searching for inspiration! LOL!

I could not resist keeping these few shots to themselves - I loved them so.

These two shots of Hugh below ... Friday we arrived at the beach at midday and after two hours (that is the time allotment for free sidestreet parking) I asked if they were ready to go home.
"NO!" was the resounding response. So I moved the car and paid $2 for beach parking. So three hours total we were at the beach. And in that time Hugh DID NOT STOP MOVING! I have NEVER seen a little boy run, play, swim and everything else non-stop for THREE hours! Truly! When I went to shift the car after two hours, this gorgeous old couple sitting on the classic beachside park bench, started up a conversation with me "your boy has not stopped!", "I know", I said, "isn't it great! Now you know why I HAVE to get him out of the house!"

So these two shots are dedicated to Hugh and his non-stop playing!

Before our two beach days we had a shopping day and had collected for Katie her own boogie board! She was so chuffed and isn't it a cool design!

I have been causing such a stir in my scrapbook forums this week. So much fun and such a giggle. I made my avatar a foot photo and updated them with this shot from Friday! LOL! I started something as about a dozen or so friends are now changing their avatars to their feet! What fun!

PCF Challenge this week is by Maria "the crop"! I searched around the beach frantically on Friday and finally came up with this shot. What do you think?

Project 52 - Week 2: Man! This is so much easier than P365! Two photos compared to 14 - I rest my case! This week (with Leah's assistance! MWA!) I decided on this shot. Wednesday was our shopping day to get all the school requirements ready for February! Katie was so excited! Cause we said the "S" word ... not "s"chool but "s" hoes! LOL! She wanted to wear them to bed! It made is all somehow real to see her parading around all dressed and ready for school.

Now scrap pages this week! SO MUCH to share. Firstly the Oscraps DS was a style challenge on colour! Scary ... but here is what I came up with :

Ange has a fabulous new kit out "sweet year". Here is a couple of pages. The first one is using one of Katell's templates FREE on her blog. Check her out. For someone who scraps as much as me, templates are essential!

This page has a Fizzy Pop template (Catscap) VERY addictive they are:

Now take a look below! The sweet sweet Ange is in the spotlight over at Two Little Pixels. And has so much to give away! Check this out!

A whole kit for FREE! Be sure to check out Ange's blog for all the details. I could not resist turning my P52 photo into this scrap page:

Catscrap news this week: a new designer has arrived and has amazing new products:

Finally I could not resist combining two of my fave designers - Leiko and Nina - into this fabulous design: crying I will be on Feb.2!

Now how much do we love Leiko's designs! Well guess what! Look at this fantastic NEW template - soon to be released - AND the far too sweet Leiko is giving it away for FREE! YES! You read correct! Go to Leiko's blog between the 19-24 January to collect Simple Template NoV for FREE! Leiko's blog is HERE:
And here is the page I made with it:
(Credits: Leiko Beck Designs - Simple Template V and "Be Loved" kit)

Have a great week everyone!


Annika said...

Oh Helen, I get so jelaous when I see all those gorgeous photos from the beach!! I am sitting looking out my window, its cold, snowy, windy and grey skies :(

Your photos are gorgeous and so are your pages!

Leah. said...

Your scrapbooking is sooooooo gorgeous! I bow to the queen!!!!

Love all the beach photos. Hugh sounds like my boys. Go, go, go!!!

Have a great week.


MariaT said...

I would love three hours at the beach right now. jack would have been the same as Hugh, go go go!

kym said...

Love all your photos and layouts! Thanks for the info about Ange's sale and freebie.

margote05 said...

I feast to look at your magnificent photos! That makes the good see the sun!! Here there is not snow but a rain anymore and it is cold!!! Deeply the summer;) and as usual, your pages are very very beautiful!!!! Bravo for the photo of your feet, great original!!!!! Take advantage, please, of the sun!

katell said...

Thanks for my template!! I love all your lo's ! What a productivity :-d!!!
And always the it's better ;-)))

Che said...

Helen, love your photos and layouts!! You're making me miss summer so much! LOL! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Sue said...

Hi Helen, I love reading about your week & seeing the amazing photos you create. My favourite this week has to be the cropped flip-flop photo or your sun-kissed tootsie (what a craze you've started!!!). Thanks for the "heads-up" about Ange's freebie kit ... I DL'd it this morning ... it's FABULOUS!!! Have a great week. See you out & about in the forums / galleries. Hugs, sue.falstaff

Leiko said...

oh my dear DO you get it all done?? i'm in the same boat as you are "weather wise". sun, sun, sun! tomorrow is a holiday here in the states...hoping to take the kids to the beach (or at the very least, the community pool!). Have a great week!


Nancy said...

omg, you've been busy! i should really try those templates, honestly, i don't know why i don't. i never know how you keep up!! everything looks fantastic, pictures and scraps.

Amy said...

Holy smokes! Where do we even begin? You are sooo busy and soo creative. I do love the collages. And I can't wait for summer!
Great work Helen!

BearFamily said...

Love the hat making at the store, how great you always have such ativity's during vacation in the stores. Next week I'm going with Keanu to the library for a puppet theater, offcourse we both have to pay, even if you're a member of the library. Still jealous at your summer photo's and sunny weather! Glad snow has gone here! Katie's shoes look so cute, real school shoes like I know from movies, lol, we don't have school uniforms here. Ehhmm, does she wear different socks ??

Jacqueline said...

Oh, my Helen - your layouts are incredible - especially the last one using free leiko template!

and your photos

check out Georgette Heyer Site
frothy fun frivolous - for the beach

Jodie Redman said...

Don't you just love this time of year for trips to the beach! I love how you have done those collages of photos. These holidays have just gone too quickly! I am not looking forward to Feb 2 although Ella is itching to go!! Amazing scrap pages as usual I especially love the couple of you and Katie! Have a great weekend!

Nancy said...

glad katie is liking school and that hugh is glad to have her there. jeeze they grow so quick. love that photo for develop, i think you rocked it!

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