Friday, December 11, 2009

I am inbetween books at the moment and not happy! The last book I read on Charlotte Bronte was brilliant! I have attempted a couple of Pride and Prejudice sequels but they are just not cutting it! I am awaiting the highly recommended "Cross Stitch" by my good friend Nini. The first in Diana Gabaldon's famed series! And I wait ... and wait ... I want to READ! Come on library ... I need a good book!

All plans are ready for my girl's birthday tomorrow. I can't believe Katie will be five! She has awaited this day for so long knowing it meant she would now be old enough to go to school. I am just going to soak up these next few days and turn the computer off and be present in the moment. Luckily our seasonal shopping is complete .... now just to the wrapping!

I leave you with this week's scrapping! The funny and talented Joanne Brisebois is in the Designer Spotlight this week. She has a great freebie and wonderful challenges to get you into the family story telling mood. I had fun creating my first water pages thanks to a great kit by Bellisae Designs. Finally when I saw Lotta's knitting elements I just had to have that kit. I am so blest to have so many wonderful goodies to play with.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! I know we will. I just hope expectations are not too high!


MariaT said...

I actually haven't felt like reading in a couple of weeks. I finished a great one and now for some reason I just haven't felt like it. Hope you get yours soon :)

Yummers! said...

I have quite a stack of interesting books at the moment... reading 'Year of Wonders' about the plague in England and how a village handles it.

I can't believe that Katie is 5 and getting ready for school! I've loved the past years with her and look forward to her school days!

Love your LO about her questions!! Driving to heaven... so darn sweet!!
Grammy J

Lia Lotito said...

Happy Birthday to Katie!!!
Ps. Amazing pages.

Val said...

Enjoy the present time helen, please kiss katie forhead.
Happy birthday little princess.

take care

Jacqueline said...

Saturday 10: AM PST

a a 'birthday perfect' day!

hugs from your Mum's friend

Jacqueline in a very cold Canada -7
too cold for snow!!

Amy said...

Ahh, 5! Enjoy Mama and happy birthday Katie!

Leah. said...

Happy Birthday Katie!!!!!!

Love the pages of course :)

I haven't been able to read lately, but it's bothering me, since I have a stack of books to read and no time to do it.

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