Thursday, December 03, 2009

December one: it's HUGE in this house!

I could not get over how excited Katie was for this day to come around - almost as big as December 25! And here is why .....

Where is that number one chocolate on the advent calendar? And the second front tooth fell out so let's happily sing "all I want for Christmas is my two front teeth!!"

I made this advent calendar for Katie ... make Santa's beard and then he will come "not long now Mum?" And did she dance! Literally flew around the house to carols!

The serious business of the nativity scene assembly.

The confusion of the tree assembly.

And the ornaments that bring back so many memories .... Den and our first Christmas together in 1997.

Handmade ornaments from younger years and ornaments from friends in far off places.

My battle with too many ornaments on the one branch! (scrap therapy page to follow)

And finally the last piece of all, the star placed atop the tree. Quickly followed by the very important catalogue search of toys on toys on toys!

Would not have it any other way!


Zizazzi said...

OMG ... christmas is really everywhere in your house !!
I haven't yet starting to think of d├ęcoratng my house ...

MariaT said...

love this season! looks like fun in your house!

Nini said...

Wow! I'm loving the new look of your blog!!!! Looks great and very appropriate for the season!!!

I see you have a favorite book in your new ipod - how's the reader? Some have really some great narrators and others not so much........ I've been wanting to listen to that one too!!

Kids look so happy putting up the Christmas tree.... Gustavo collaborated by putting up a few decorations also but mostly helped with bringing it up to the living room! LOL!!

Enjoy the season!

Kami said...

Oh you make me smile!! These pics of your traditions are absolutely precious!! I need to do more of that!! And Kaden is so excited each morning to open his chocolate surprise advent calendar as well!!

Leah. said...

The photos are too cute!!!! Love Katie dancing, it's such a great action shot!

Did I mention how awesome and festive your blog is looking?


BearFamily said...

Wow, such great photo's!!! Congrats to Katie's second lost tooth!!!! And you already put your Christmas tree up?!!! Wow, here they not put up the Christmas tree before December 5th because everyone is always waiting untill Sinterklaas has left, most people put up the Christmas tree around December 15th. But I did some little Christmas decorations in the house which I bought today. Oh and loooooove your new blog header!!!

Jane said...

I do love that blog header!!!!!
oh, and I wanted to say that I think the photo of "too many ornaments in one spot" is fabulous!!! Is Katie still wearing her hat?!!! Enjoy the holiday with the kids...those are always the best!!!

Yummers! said...

You made me feel really misty eyed with your blog today... sooooo precious!!! Favorite photo... Katie reading the catalog! Love them all!
Grammy J

Lenore said...

Well, NOW I'm in the Christmas spirit!!! It's certainly cold enough here to be Christmas (our Christmas, not yours! LOL) So great to see the kids enjoying the festivities so much....they appreciate it more each year, don't they?!!? Especially got a kick out of seeing Hugh holding a familiar looking ornament from Colorado!! :) TFS all the photos and Hancock family precious!!

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