Friday, November 13, 2009

Some fun pages and FREE QP with a challenge!

Summer weather has hit this past week with every day over 30C - LOVE IT! Katie and I ventured to the shopping centre on Friday - blah! No car parks and not even December yet! Sheesh! I HAVE to get all my shopping done before December as shopping centres become a "no go zone" for me after that! We collected a few items, none the least of which were this years chocolate advent calendars for the children. Katie almost hyperventilated when she found a Night Garden one! She does not even watch the show but has a thing for Iggle Piggle because he is cheeky! Standard ol' cars for Hugh as the only other option was Ben 10 which he (thankfully) is not into.

I finished my "Sahara" book that I was mightily impressed with - so much better than her first book - the story got very real for her. Moved onto this book seen below - award winner that everyone is raving about. I lasted 50 pages until I gave up! How to explain? It's Australian, it's stereotypical but there is always that element of truth to stereotypes, however, if this is the "real" Australia give me a rock to hide under! Like the dreadful movie we watched last night, this book held such potential but I did not like the characters and could not cope with this masculine narrative. Call me an old prude I don't care! I just don't wish to read language like that - sounding more like my mother every day ;) So I have gratefully fallen into Syrie James. Totally ADORED her first book on Jane Austen and can't wait to escape into Charlotte Bronte's world.

Each night at dinner we have "sharing" about our day. Hugh presented this poster the other night that he had completed at school. Reading his list made me happy :)

Now to scrapping news - remember all credits are found by clicking on the image! Natasha has some new WA out! And I could not resist another play with her latest kit being inspired by the incredible talent that is her CT!

Last week was DSD! Oscraps had a chat which I happened to fall into last Monday afternoon, what a hoot! It was fabulous! One needed speed reading to keep up with it all! Katie wondered what was wrong as I did not acknowledge her for an hour as one had to stay focused to catch all the humour! Anyways, I downloaded and played with some of Joanne Brisebois's designs! Such a great girl and I adore her stuff. Here is what I came up with using her goodies:

Selena is in the Rocking Girl Spotlight (link to blog in my sidebar). New challenge at that site with free WA to collect. I did this list last year but thought it warranted another viewing ;) using Nina's amazing designs.

Leiko has a fun new kit out "A walk in the park" - I liked doing this page.

Ange has a new kit out "Growing Up!". I helped out some with the WA and the colours are wonderful. Stylish as ever is our Ange.

Now here are a couple of things you will want to check out! First Ange is running a challenge on her blog and giving away this quick page below! If you use the QP you will be entered into the draw for a fabulous prize! Check it all out at her blog HERE!

Nina is also running a challenge at her blog with the same deal! FABULOUS QP giveaway and a chance to win! Check it all out at Nina's blog HERE!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


Leah. said...

I bought advent calenders yesterday too!!!!

I got The Slap a couple of weeks back and made it about 20 pages before I gave up. I think people are raving about the idea of the book but the book itself sucked I think! Too bad it wasn't written better, the idea is fantastic.

As always I love your scrapbook pages

Nancy said...

honestly, i don't know how you keep up with it all. i love "age is just a number" (of course) all the layouts are beautiful.

BearFamily said...

Wonderful pages !!! Love the one of Katie on the stairs and with the umbrella, and the b/w one is perfect!

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