Sunday, November 08, 2009

So here she is ... all ready for school! Mind you it does not start until February and if I am not careful the uniform may be worn out by then! Bwahaha! She was SOOOOOO excited when we went to "size her up" on Friday before the discount day in a couple of weeks. I arrived at the place and was told I was not allowed to size her up if I were not going to buy/lay-by on this very day! So weird! Not sure how they would enforce that one. But they were really nice and came back and said I could get my 10% discount today and take the items without me even asking. Guess it is one less person to serve on the crazy discount day! Needless to say Katie was thrilled! She looks so grown up! And I still maintain it is more expensive to attire girls than boys! The school dress alone cost A$50! Hugh is still wearing his same uniform for three years now, somehow I am not sure I will have the same luck with Katie.

Update on the vegie patch! We are harvesting! Very exciting and guess it's broccoli on the menu every night for the next week!

Saturday morning "Boot Camp" has returned now that the weather is improving. The 8:30am Saturday morning is a killer but the kids have a blast! Even Katie is getting into it this time around.

This weekend is our first real summer weather - over 30C both days. My hayfever is killing me though, feel like I have a gravel trap under my eyes and rub them furiously! Better to stay indoors. Though we did venture to Wilson Botanical Gardens and the kids went off and played while Den and I had some reading time.

Now to some more scrapping news. Remember credits can be found by clicking on the page. Leiko has new templates and a new kit out. I had fun with this page below. Just needed to do a "message" page for me.

A couple more pages for my CheeryO downloads. I was happy to document this page for Hugh and I. No we have not changed our names to George and Baa!! It is a book series by Virginia Miller that Hugh and I have read together for years (I eventually bought him his own copy on his third birthday) and we say this to each other every night.

Nina was asking for some kit ideas and I suggested one about reading! Well she completed it and I am just amazed - by the kit and by the incredible pages everyone is doing. I know I will be using this one for many a page to come. I just love it and cannot thank Nina enough for completing it.

Have a super week everyone!


margote05 said...

I am back Helen!!! Installed well in my new house and very happy!!! Sorry not to have come lately but I had too many things to be made! I have just feasted to make the tour of your blog! As usual, full of magnificent things! And I like your page with the kit of Leiko! It is fabulous! Satisfy with finding you!

MariaT said...

Your garden looks so great! I'm jealous, ours was a total flop this year. Enjoy it all!

Leah. said...

Looks like beautiful weather!!!!
Katie looks so grown up in her uniform :)

Yummers! said...

I just adore that photo of Katie in her school uniform... so grown up!! And love, love, love the layout of Katie and the books... clever!!

Off to shower and head out to celebrate my birthday... all day!!
Grammy J

Vanessa said...

it's actually sunny there!!!!! oh my, i'm on the wrong continent!!!

BearFamily said...

Now that's a cute outfit!! She looks adorable in it! I guess this one is only for summer and she will have another one for winter? The price doesn't sound much to me, looks like just a regular price for such item I think. If Keanu sees al that broccoli he wants to come over, lol, he lovvvvvees broccoli, it's his second fave after macaroni or tortellini.

Nichole said...

where does a girl begin??
first your hair, looks awesome long!
and i shook my head to clear it, thought, what is she talking about summer, no, no, winter is just starting here.... duh!
love the photos!! ALL of them... and the lo's.. love them all, but hugh, sitting, all gangly and looking like he is growing..... gets me in the heart... sigh.

and yea to katie going to school.... somewhat bittersweet, no?

Annika said...

Ok girl..I am sitting here freezing and you are putting those pics up on the blog..not fair!! Love broccoli...looks yummy!! And your little schoolgirl looks so grown up..cant imagen Bella starting school..cant even imagen that she is turning 3 tomorrow!! Time flies doesnt it? Gorgeous pages as always, you know I love them!

Lenore said...

James and I loved reading about your veggie garden! So glad you are now reaping the harvest of all that hard work! It is a shocker, though, when it all hits at once!! Enjoy and thanks so much for posting the pictures....they were really enjoyed on this end!! Your garden looks GREAT!!!

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