Friday, August 14, 2009

The week that was ...

It's been quite a week but we have made it through. Last weekend Katie broke Hugh's glasses - don't ask!! I will admit to you though that I still adore his little "glassless" face and took some photos while on a visit to Grandma Hancocks! Luckily we were able to get them fixed during his week off. Our trip to the hospital sadly did not reap any rewards. Much pain and discomfort for my boy for no outcome except to eliminate another possibility. Back to the drawing board on that one.

Katie is ..... well she is the Chonk! I tell you, getting appropriate clothing on this girl is a battle - she is FOUR! Lord help me when she is FOURteen! LOL! I have given up whilst on our home days and she delights in wearing summer dresses in the depths of winter. She must take after her short loving father! I went to buy her some t-shirts this week and she spotted a dress (wearing below) - she wanted it so bad. It was size 8 and nothing like what I would have chosen for her. And despite my best efforts to direct her gaze elsewhere she kept coming back to this one. Bit too bright and busy for me, but she has not taken it off since the day I got it (was on the clearance rack - wonder why!!!) and guess I better get used to it for the next few years!

Now for some more fun pages - click on the page for credits:


margote05 said...

Oh, I am well sorry for your little boy!!! It is not easy when we see our children having pain!! Good courage!!!
And you make me laugh with the clothing tastes of your daughter!! It is very attractive her dress;-) still one series of magnificent pages but I admit to have a weak for "Grow" even if they are all very beautiful!!!

Annika said...

Sorry to hear that it didnt get you any answers at the hospital!!

You have made some beautiful pages girl...and the photos on everyone of them are just...sigh...gorgeous!!

Dont forget to come on over to Catscrap and help us can win a guest CT spot and there are lots and lots of challenges!!!! :)

Have a wonderful weekend!

Ps! Love the dress!

MariaT said...

I'm sorry Hugh didn't get better results. He must be quite a tough guy to go through everything he is.

I can't wait for Bella to grow up and have her own fashion sense like Katie. Looks like it'll be embarrassing but fun :)

BearFamily said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Hugh, after all this you still have no results and it's so sad when children are in pain and cry and you can't help them. Best wishes for him and all of you! I like Katie's dress, it looks so summer ?! And I see you still can wear it in winter :-) Well, I have to pick up my friend now (it's 5.45 am!!) We're going to stand on a fleamarket together, hope it will bring up some money :-)
Take care!

Nini said...

So glad you are back!
I have been thinking about Hugh and praying that soon you will have answers and solutions.

Loving all your pages and the journaling about the dress! I think she looks cute in it!

have a happy weekend!

ps. did you see paislee-press blog today? ;)

Leah. said...

I am sure you will get the answers you need for Hugh. Stay strong both of you!

Love the dress. I'm glad she likes it!

Nichole said...

so glad someone ELSE has a daughter with crazy taste!!!! Isabella and I do NOT see eye to eye when it comes to fashion. (she likes flashy, bright, and if it has sequins?? all the more irresistable!!!) well, most of the time anyway. AND she wants what she wants. sigh....
so I relate and I enjoy laughing at someone else's 'experiences'

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