Thursday, August 06, 2009

Vegie patches, hats and scraps!

Hugh's school has a vegie patch and he has often expressed the interest to grow some at home. With the disaster that our backyard is, Den was only too happy to oblige. So last weekend the digging and fertilising began with seeds yet to be sown. Hugh is in love, everyday after school he asks "how is the vegie patch going" - same as yesterday bud!

I love this photo below. Thankfully there is still a vacant lot beside us as we had to dispose of the grass we had dug up. Tired of running around I spied the children getting this little production line going ... OVER the fence!
Finally I got around to knitting something for myself - a beanie. Yesterday I finished sewing it up and left it on the couch. I returned a short while later and it was gone! I spied it on someone's head. The look I gave must have said it all as the little voice said, " I really like this Mamma you can knit yourself another one"!! The cheek of it! LOL! To be quite frank it looks heaps better on Katie anyways. I told her that and with a very sad face said " well Chonk it didn't suit me anyway". My girl is growing up for she said, "oh Mamma it's okay. You tie your hair up and look beautiful ... when I tie my hair up I look silly". A compliment - what a sweetie.

Here are a few of my latest scrap pages. Click on the page to read the credits.


Annika said...

I am back sweetie!!! YAY! Maria is on the plane back but we have had so much fun! Congrats to your spot on Shens team, I just know you will have a blast! Gorgeous photos and beautiful pages as always! So happy to be able to check in on you from time to time again, I have missed you!!

BearFamily said...

Oh how nice, some veggies in your backyard, I want some next year after we clean up our backyard, hehe.(We did re-decorate our front yard last week, will upload a photo tonight) Now I only have two apple trees who are becoming too big, and a little strawberry plant, a paprika plant and a tomato plant. Nice hat of Katie, great knitting! I see you can still wear shorts in winter , haha, that's no winter to me, lol. I put a weather card on my blog with the daily temperatures in Holland, lol.

MariaT said...

That production line is hilarious!

Leah. said...

Dropping in for a quick hello!

Love that Hugh is getting his garden! How great is that.

Love the hat and of course the scrap pages are always perfect!

Can't wait to chat soon!

Jane said...

Hi Helen!! I love those latest pages!!! you have super talent girl!! The veggie spot looks great...the dirt looks so healthy, you'll be growning goodies in no time!! How is 'The Time Traveler's Wife'? I can't tell you how many times I picked it up in the book store and then put it back down!! And now the movie is out!!

margote05 said...

Oh, I would like to have a kitchen garden! It will be necessary to show to us the evolution of plantations!!
Very beautiful photos and magnificent pages! I love them all three! You really have a lot of talent! Good Sunday

Lenore Ryan said...

We're so excited to see pictures of your garden going in!! James says, "Oh Mama, I hope Helen will post more pictures soon. I'm so excited for Hugh that he gets to grow a garden! It's so much fun!!" As our garden is coming to an end (we are harvesting ours now!) you are planting yours.....friends on opposite ends of the earth!!

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