Monday, June 29, 2009

Let's start off these school holidays with a bang! Loads of news!

Goodness me ... where to start??? The two week mid year break has started and as usual I have much planned for my munchkins! Can't wait so stay tuned.

Now I have received two awards one from Val and one from Leah! Thanks girls! The honest scrap award requires me to write 10 honest things about myself and tag some friends to play too. Okay, so let's start with the tagging, who is not on holidays and not already tagged: Jodie, Annika, Maria and Vale! (yes Valerie I want the french version oui!)

Okay..ten honest things about me:

1. well I am not dishonest....but do you think I can think of anything honest right now! Bwahaha! Telling the truth is big in my house "Mum will not be angry if you tell the truth". Katie uses this to her full advantage as you come upon another "Katie tornado" ... "I'm telling the truth Mum".

2. I know I am on the cusp of change in my life. Not sure how things will change but I know they will. Would not mind going back to teaching as I get all the holidays with my kids, but after nine years out of the system it scares the pants off me.

3. I love holidays and going away - Den does not. Eleven years on I am still working on that one.

4. I think I have come to the conclusion (said this to Den last night) I wanna be rich, not to get stuff but to just kick back and we could both be at home all day. We fill in our days so easily.

5. I am an organisational freak - everything has its place and time and is written down to prove it. Take my diary away from me and I would be a bubbling mess in the corner!

6. I constantly strive for equilibrium in my life - I think it will bring me peace but I always seem to be chasing it.

7. I am SO happy Den loves cooking - I hate it and meals would be very boring if I were in charge. Yesterday he made me pan fried chicken on a bed of lettuce, dribbled with something yummy mixed with cummin and paprika and sliced cucumber. I rest my case.

8. I am so happy to have rediscovered knitting once more. My Mum taught me years ago. This winter I was inspired again. YEY! I find it really relaxing but at the same time creative.

9. I have to take photos or else I get grumpy. Den knows this and tries to give me opportunities to do this.

10. I am becoming more reclusive as I get older. Trying to be a human "being" rather than a human "doing". sure to drop into Oscraps - loads of freebies - lookey here!

This is a lift from the very inspirational "Ange". Her original can be found here

Credits: ** all Designs by Sue Cummings (Oscraps)paper - From My Notebook - Simply {True Love}Colour blocks ** newword art and flowers - 52 Week Inspiration Week 25 enchanting

As I settle into the cold depths of winter - bbrrrrr - I longingly look back to this day at the beach last January.

Credits: ** Designs by Sue Cummings (Oscraps) simply summer mask and word art ** Designs by Nina Scraps (Oscraps) overlay and grid - nicks world b/g paper - whities volII

LOVE this template of Nina's - love how she challenges me to look outside my box and into circles this time ;)

This was so much fun. Great to do a page to document my Katie's rather unflattering nickname! LOL! Thanks to Lia for the inspiration from her LO here

Credits: ** all Nina Scraps Designs (Oscraps)template - unique the simple line no.11kit - joyful.days


Maria said...

Morning! (8.15 in Oman)
Thank you sweetie for the award! 10honest things....hmmm....
LOVE your pages!!!! The one of the foot on the beach... WOOOOWWWW!!!! Must be a favorite of yours for me! LOVE IT!!!

Have a great day!

Darkangel said...

good morning helen

such a great page at the Sea, if I would do that in january here at a like Im sure I would be frozen *g*

thanks for you nice comment, yes Im trying to get better in such layouts

oh and how can you do that, writing everyday in your diary, I always try to catch my memories in such a book or something else, but I always forget to continue.

Hugs Cornelia

MariaT said...

I am right there with you about being scared of going back to teaching after being home so long. And I'm not even close to going back yet. Loved your 10 things and great pages!

Kami said...

Half way through the school year already?! Wow!! Enjoy your break with the kids!!!

I love that Den does the cooking, I don't mind cooking but at the age my kids are at they are so picky. I too am an organizational freak and I strive so hard as well to get that equilibrium!!!

Love your answers, Helen!! Have a super week. :)

Annika said...

10 honest things..that is difficult..but I love your answers! Thank you soo much for tagging me, but I will have to think about this a bit before I answer!

G O R G E O U S pages Helen, soo fresh and colorful, love them!

Have a wonderful day!

Lia Lotito said...

These 10 things are great !!! Really honest !
Love the new pages... and I'm flattered for the last one be inspired on my LO !

Leah. said...

I love your 10 things!!!! Very enlightening!

Gorgeous layouts as always. Love the one with Sue's stuff especially, it makes me want to go to the beach!

Jane said...

Oh, I did get some of those freebies and they are wonderful!!! I understand becoming reclusive!! weird, can't explain it but I find myself that way!!

Valé said...

Oh thanks Helen !!! And an award for you on my blog !!!

margote05 said...

Oh I learn it things on you!!! Bravo for your frank answers!! I too like the honesty!! I find that it is very very important!! On the other hand, I like cooking;-) your pages are once again magnificent!!! Quite more beautiful the some than the others! Bravo!

Jodie Redman said...

Amazing pages Helen! I especially love the one of Katie... cracks me up every time I hear "Chonk"!! Loved reading your "ten honest things"... still working on mine, haven't had time to blog yet but I'll get there eventually!

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