Friday, June 26, 2009

An exciting TOOT TOOT for me!!!

Make yourself a cuppa (cup of tea) this is going to be a long one (sorry!)

As you know I love my scrapping and thrive on the challenge of CT (creative team) work. I have been very honoured so far to have been asked personally by the designers to join their team. A great thrill. But I have never had to apply for the postion and put myself "out there". I thought it might be time, maybe try for a couple of guest months here and there with some designers to get out of my comfy box and try new things.

So I did. And this is my first success story.

I was absolutely thrilled to be selected by Natasha (from the Ukraine) to be on her CT. When I saw the competition and realised only a couple of us from Oscraps were chosen I was very humbled. Blown away to be exact. Then of course I began to worry. When you see what people make with her pages my first thoughts were "I can't do that!" They do the most amazing extraction and what I call "fantasy" pages ever! But then I thought about this and came to the realisation that Natasha knew my scrapping style so I would bring that to her designs whilst at the same time venture out and try new things with my own scrapping.

A win win situation it would seem. And here is what I have come up with so far.

Credits:explosion of fun swirls - NatashaNaSt Designs (Oscraps)word art - Fading Emotions Vol4 and Composure Add on - TaylorMade Designs (Oscraps)

Credits: ** all NatashaNaSt Designs (Oscraps) kit: Road to Wonderland word art: Magic Dreamsmasks: Road to Wonderland photo masks

Credits: ** all NatashaNaSt Designs (Oscraps) kit: Road to Wonderland word art: Magic Dreams

Here is Natasha's latest kit release:

Be sure to grab this gorgeous FREE photo mask from Natasha's store at Oscraps (link in my sidebar)

Here is my page using the mask

Credits: NatashaNaST (Oscraps) photo mask freebie; paper and flowers - Road to Wonderland; word art by Ange free at her blog

Natasha also has this fabulous free quick page at her blog!

So thank you Natasha for giving me this incredible opportunity to really expand and learn new and exciting things with your designs and my scrapping.

Take me to Natasha' store click here


Annika said...

YAY!!! and WOOOW!!! Helen, you are are very talanted scrapper and I think you could do any kind of pages!! You give yourself way less credit than you should! YOU ARE TALANTED!!! *lol* Listen to the royalty!!

Looove those pages (sorry if I havent been commenting as much as I use to...trying to catch up with everything), sooo dreamy and soft!! So congrats to making the team, and I am looking forward to see all the pages you will create!! (and your photos are exquisite as always!)

Have a super weekend (I am going to remove weeds at the new house *lol* fun fun)


Darkangel said...

wow how great is that congratulations, i would love to be in such a great ct, its amazing her designs, and your pages are fabulous, they dont have to be fantasy the whole time.

Hugs Cornelia

Jodie Redman said...

Congratulations Helen!! Gorgeous pages so far - love that photo mask! It's a bit different to your usual style so will be looking forward to seeing what you come up with. Have a wonderful weekend!

Jodie Redman said...

Just wanted to add that I've just been looking at Natasha's blog and OMGoodness those fantasty type layouts she has from her CT are AMAZING!! I really can't wait to see what you come up with too!!

MariaT said...

how exciting! god for you for putting yourself out there :)

Maria said...

Fantastic pages! Absolutely stunning! Love them all! Agree with Annika, you can do any kind of pages and come out on top! Any designer with you on their team should count themself lucky! I know no one else who is so commited, genuine and truly awesome as you are! You always give 100% and who could ever ask for more!!!
You go girl!

Kami said...

Congrats, Helen!! You deserve it for sure!! So proud of you. :)

Ange said...

Wooow, congrats Helen !! Your pages are stunning, you are very talented, you totally deserve it !

margote05 said...

Congratulations Helen!!! But it is normal that Natasha are chosen to you!!! You have a great deal of Talent and your pages are always magnificent!!! It is a delight to come here!!! Bravo!! I also look forward to seeing the next pages and I find these absolutely magnificent last ones!!!! Good weekend!

Val said...

You rock sweety!
you truely is a talented scrapper.
remeber when at the ADSR 2009 we are to choose on scrapper we love and scraplift a LO...
I chooose you... wonder why?

sound clear, now?

you push me in to blending games... and My Gosh... I love this!

so thnaks...

your LO are amazing.


Christine said...

YAY! You go girl! Good for you for wanting to get out of your comfort zone. That was the reason I applied for Leiko's CT... also the only one I've applied for... and exactly that reason of wanting to challenge myself... which it certainly has been. Can't say I've found my groove yet! But you most certainly have! Your pages are gorgeous! Congrats, my friend!

Leah. said...

You inspire me to get out of my little box!!!

CONGRATS!!!! Your doing pretty awesome outside of yours. I'm thinking you can do it all chicky!

Dig-Photos n Scrappings said...

YOU did a great JOB and It was prefect SCRAPS!!

kiki said...

I want to bye the kit " Road to Wonderland photo masks " but I do not know how to use "Mask", they are black .please can you to say to me how use them..thanks a lot..sorry for my english is very bad , I am french .

BearFamily said...

Hi Helen,

here's just a short note from me from France. We have a bad internet connection here, there's only one computer and I cannot upload my photo's. I just checked my bank account and now a short visit to say hi to you. We have a wonderful time and weather, in the shadow it's 30C , so imagine in the sun, but the pool is here! Keanu enjoys himself, except that at the moment there are no other kids, wich is a little dissapointed. We took lots of photo's and will drive back home coming saturday morning. So probably I have time sunday evening to update my blog. Take care, my internet minutes are counting down.

Lia Lotito said...

Congrats for the new CT !!!
And you start with some amazing pages... I could not tell which one I like most ! They are really stunning !

BearFamily said...

Oh wow, congrats!!!!! It must be delightful to work with those magical kits! Your pages are awesome, makes me jealous ;-)

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