Friday, April 10, 2009

Time for a little home holiday

Hello my friends I just wanted to let you know that I will be taking a little break for the next week or so from blogging, scrapping, galleries, forums etc. I will be home and I will be checking my emails. That therefore explains why I have filled up my blog with scrap pages to keep everyone happy until then :)

There is much going on right at the moment, with Easter, my birthday, school holidays and Den is also excitingly taking next week off and we all get to be together. We have much planned. A day spent with my family then another with Den's family to celebrate Easter; an adventure day out for my birthday; some library activities and sand art at the local shopping centre; finally, Hugh's eight weeks of diligence finally has come with the specialist appointment this week (so glad Den will be home this week to come with me).

Inbetween time Den will be immersing himself in the many game arena's he has signed up to with the famous Call of Duty "Menace's Raiders" team (Menace being Den's tag name!) Yes, he has his own team now and its a great outlet for him. Hugh, well he has nicknamed himself "lego head" for all the wonderful lego kits he was kind enough to receive for his birthday and is hard at work. Katie, well I have tried valiantly to shield her from a certain "High School Musical" and "Hannah Montana" but little did I know that her father secretly went and hired them for her ....sigh.... but if you could hear her giggle through Hannah Montana or clear the room so she can dance to HSM then you could not resist either.

And me, well I am giving myself a little break to partake in all of this and more. And when I am not I have timed it all rather well to find myself ready to read the final book in the Twilight series. As Katie would say, Mummy has read the poison apple, feather and ribbon book and all I have left is the chess book. Lucky me. I plan to have my head inside a book as much as possible.

So have a wonderful Easter a great week and see you on the other side.


MariaT said...

Sounds like a busy but fantastic week. Happy Easter to you and your family!

Kami said...

Helen!!! Good for you! Enjoy your book and your birthday!! And best wishes to Hugh at his appointment. Take care my friend!!!

Lenore Ryan said...

I'll be thinking of you during the week! Hope your birthday is terrific! Looking forward to the blog entry with pictures when you return, as well as news from Hugh's Dr's visit! Have a good, restful week, my friend!!

Mellykat said...

Thanks for giving us something to keep us occupied whilst you are gone!

I hope you have a blessed Easter with your family and a wonderful Birthday and week with the hubby and kids!

Melly :)

Leah. said...

Have a fantastic week!!!
Will miss you of course!

Dig-Photos n Scrappings said...

have a wonderful week and busy etc. see u afterwhile...
best of luck to have FUN!!!

BearFamily said...

That sounds like a busy easter weekend, but with lots of fun. I will cross my fingers for Hugh's appointment. Take care and enjoy all you activity's, can't wait to see your photo's!!

Yummers! said...

Enjoy your break from blogging and enjoy your family and your book. I read the Twilight series and just couldn't put them down. Last night I finished reading the Alex Rider (Young Adult fiction)series from the UK... really good spy action. So this morning I woke without a book to read. Any suggestions for a good read?

Happy Easter to all!

PS It seems like it was just yesterday that you were going on your birthday adventure. How fast this year has gone. ENJOY!!

Val said...

i already miss you! ;-)
I hope you had wonderful Birthday. well I know you had :)
take care
Hugh we are with you ;-)

Nancy said...

oh, i hope you enjoy yourself helen, a much needed break i'm sure. i just picked up new moon again, i had to go back a few pages, as i haven't read in over two months, but now i can't get my face out of it, so i'm back in. i think i'll be taking a break this week too, i'm hoping to finish it thursday and get the next one on friday. i realize now that i have missed it. enjoy, talk to you soon!

Jodie Redman said...

Hope you are having a great week! I keep checking here in case you've changed your mind! I miss your blogging! Hope to see you back soon.

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