Saturday, April 18, 2009

Hugh update

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Thanks to all for their kind inquiries about Hugh's results. It would appear that our eight weeks of diligence in record keeping helped in some ways. His kidneys show a decrease in dilation. However, his bladder is just too large and even though we have seem some improvement, it is not sufficient to be classed as "satisfactory". The next step (apart from continued record keeping - more charts argh! - I think Hugh is up for it more than I am!) is for Hugh to go and have a cystoscopy. We are sort of hoping that they do find something (and remove it) and that would be the final piece in the puzzle to help Hugh's bladder and long term health. When this procedure will occur is unsure - it is through the public health system and not an emergency, so who knows. So it's still all positive and I am happy that steps are being taken to help my boy. Thanks once again.


Val said...

Well it is half good, and hald " bad" news... let see it on the good side.
Hugh can have some efficient action on it, and the surgery can fixe this once for all!

I send you both some strengh... it is not over, but every step count...
You gonna make it!

Glad to see you back, I missed you

MariaT said...

I'm so glad it's good news and will hopefully be followed by even more! What a little trooper you have there.

Lenore Ryan said...

Thank you for posting this, as I've been eager to hear your news. I'm glad that things have improved somewhat and that there is a way that they can help that improvement along!

Hugh is such an amazing boy and it sounds like he's handling all of this quite well. Being the Mum is the hardest part, I think! We continue to send positive thoughts and much love your way!!

BearFamily said...

Glad to hear there is some positive news. My best wishes for Hugh and offcourse the rest of the family. I believe everything will work out well, keep the faith!!

Kami said...

Well I am glad that the next step will be taken! Good for Hugh for staying positive!!!

Leah. said...

It's encouraging news Helen.
I hope they can figure out what is causing this as well.
Take care chicky. You have the strength to get through it!!!!!


evanwick said...

Thanks for sharing the update! It's so tough to be a kid and to have to go through not so fun stuff like that.
I'll be thinking of you!!

Jorinde said...

HI Helen,

Thanks for posting about Hugh! Good to hear that there are things that have change for the better and let's hope that you will soon find the last piece in the puzzel.

Andrea Bonilla said...

3 mths wait max helen been there with that procedure, casey is very good. hopefully it will be sooner. waiting time has dropped dramatically they received funding recently so all the best xoxox

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