Tuesday, March 31, 2009

What makes a craze?

Okay so wikipedia says:

A trend is something that somehow becomes popular within mainstream society over a long period of time.
A fad is something that is very popular with a small group of people for a short period of time.
A craze is a product, idea, cultural movement, or model that gains popularity among a small section of the populace then quickly migrates to the mainstream.

Result: one confused mother

Hugh: Mum all the boys have bakuguns?
Helen: Really "wow" (what the!!!)
Hugh: balls that open when you drop them.
Helen: much clearer now

Yesterday when Hugh and I were out getting his hair cut he wanted to show me. Bakugun (even Den knew what they were!) Battle Brawlers are action-figure warriors, that are tucked into spheres that pop open when they're rolled onto a game card, where they gather points.


Okay ... birthday soon you can have one. $5 later for one teeny tiny ball. A ball that I will quickly add broke before we were even home! EEEKKK! (I said much worse in the car - poor Hugh). Hugh is very gentle so not like he was rough with it.

Back we go.

Exchange the Baku-bloody-gun!

Now he is too afraid to use it!

So ... I return to my question ... what makes a craze?

And can someone tell me how long this one will last please. I am still recovering from YuGiOh cards!

Give me Barbies any day!


Val said...

I have to admit... I am not looking forward to know what a the ... things!
but love the face of yours I could imagine while reading the speech between you two.

love to see how fun it is, when it is " at someone else" place

take care... everything can pops, anytime... everywhere


Lenore Ryan said...

James has been playing with and collecting these charming things for the past couple of years! Have fun, Mum!! They love 'em, though I, personally, can't figure out why!!

Jodie Redman said...

E has been talking about Bakaguns for over a year now but we've only just gotten some. Can't quite figure out what the facination is but oh well I am sure it will pass....

Carmen, the Crazy Sombrero said...

Hi helen! love your photos. you rock..I'm just glad my stepson is too old for this craze and my grandson is too young..lol..love ya
Carmen/aka littlespooky

Leah. said...

Okay so that is what the little toy Joshua is carrying around is called. I just thought it was junk. LOL!

Thanks for the education. Wait! $5!!!!

Hmmm, toy that opens up or barbie?
I really hated barbie. Do you think if I ever have a daughter she will hold it against me if I skip out on Barbies? LOL

Anonymous said...

This post made me laugh cause I'm in the same boat. My DS is obsessed with Bakugan. I don't get it. They are ridiculously expensive for those tiny things, lol.


Yummers! said...

You really made me chuckle!! The poor kids today with all the peer pressure to have all this new stuff. I've seen kids at school actually form new groups because of the trendy toy they own. My girls had a few years of Barbies... good old Barbies that have withstood the test of time... and that was OK! Boys came next and that was the worst 'toy' of all.

I am in love with the photo of Katie's legs on the tub. So adorable!

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