Tuesday, March 31, 2009

It's gonna be a BIG week.... HUGE

My week ... in photos ... get ready.

Yesterday was waaaaaaaay stressful at work and the trouble associated with Hugh's latest craze - read above. It should have been me coming home to enjoy a bath, but on coming upstairs this is the view I was greeted with :) . Two words: THE CHONK!

TUESDAY: Hugh's school athletics! Gotcha! Mid air!

Two more words for you: THE CHONK on the ride home! What will she be like when its a car!

Stay tune for more of "my week" in photos.


Val said...


I LOVE the first shot!!!! You should make a book of katie in the bathroom... I am sure it will be fantastic!
( hummm what about a scrapped album??)

Great shot mid air too... I figured out that mid air shot when it about snow and that you are below the snow... are not that easy!

And about driving a car ... hum ... better without the foot, and without hands? don't you think so?

love them all!

Jorinde said...

Totally love that first picture of Katie in the bathroom. THat's so funny!

Hopefully we will get some nice weather as well, because you other picture got me in the mood to shoot some outdoor picture of my kids:)

MariaT said...

Those pictures are all so great, especially that first one in the tub :)

Lenore Ryan said...

The pic of Katie in the tub is "too much"!! Does she know that she provides you such photo ops....seems like it in photo #3!! And the one of Hugh in mid-air is fab!!

Looking forward to the winds to stop, so that I can get outside with the camera!!

Kami said...

OMG!! I am laughing at these pics, so funny!! Hope your week goes great!!

BearFamily said...

Hahaha, I guess Katie is such a funny girl, your stories and photo's about her always make me laugh. I guess you always have your camera with you, otherwise how do you always get these incredible photo's !!!!

Jodie Redman said...

Love the photo of Katie on her bike - too cute!! This week is kinda crazy - looking forward to holidays Saturday!!

Anonymous said...

WOW you definitely showed up just in time to take that great shot. Those feet in the bathtub just make a person smile!

Thanks little Katie.

Mary Snyder

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