Friday, March 27, 2009

Do you remember ....

Credits:title word art: Scrapapple Inspiration Week 14 - Sue Cummings Designs (Oscraps)** everything else from Val C. Designs ( the Template Collection No.3 papers: 4 Seasons of Artglitter: Kit News
Journaling reads:
Do you remember the first movie you ever cried at? My mother loves to tell the story of my first time. She took me to the cinema to see the 1970’s cartoon version of “Charlotte’s Web” and could not believe it at the end when she turned to me and saw tears trickling down my cheeks for she thought the concept above me .... “the spider died”. I remember Hugh’s first time. He was kinder age and in the TV room watching “Lassie” alone one afternoon. All of a sudden I could hear loud sniffling and discovered tears running down his cheeks. We cuddled and watched the remainder of the film together. These two stories came back to me this week when Katie (now kinder age) was watching “Flickr” - going through her “horsey phase” presently. I was at my lap top just ten paces away when she came up to me. She was distraught, unable to catch her breath with tears flowing .... “Flickr died”. For a split second I frantically tried to recall the movie and thought “No! Can’t be, surely not”. Once again I found myself cuddling my child in my lap as we watched to see Flickr make a marvelous recovery.... “I love this movie” she claimed as she reached for her umpteenth tissue. This is the stuff memories are made of.


Mellykat said...

Awwwwwwwwwww. Best journaling ever. What a sweet page. Gave me one of those wistful smiles. (My first crying movie was 'Terms of Endearment'.) No other movies made me cry until I had kids. Now everything makes me cry! lol

M :)

Jodie Redman said...

Love this Helen! I haven't let my kids watch anything too sad yet - bit too much of a softy myself!

MariaT said...

That's a sweet idea to scrap. Watching their innocent reactions to things is definitely something to remember.

BearFamily said...

You are great with journaling! As you might seen, I never do journaling on my pages, I'm so bad with it, I only go for a quote, poem or just a title and offcourse date and place. Great memories, I saw Lassie on tv in the 70's , my first cinema movie was 'Annie" but I was already about 10 years I think.

Leah. said...

That is the sweetest story!!!

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