Friday, November 14, 2008

Love affair with my library....

Wendy knows (and is extremely jealous) of the incredible library we have here. Seriously, I can order online just about anything and they can get it. They used to charge a dollar for holds, but even now that is gone. I can access my account online and we place holds weekly! I was feeling guilty as they send out a letter each time a hold comes in - paper, envelope and their postage was giving me sleepless nights - given the big greenie I used to be and still try to be. So when I went in this week I asked if it could not be done electronically and "walah" they have just started such a program! YEY - now I am feeling environmentally healthier.

What they also send out - electronically - is new releases or recommendations in a range of categories that you can choose from. So just as I finished my wonderful "Bolyen Inheritance" book, here arrives news of Colleen McCullough (of "Tim" and "Thorn Birds" fame) having written a sensational book about the forgotten Bennet sister from Pride and Prejudice twenty years on. I am in heaven. I was 40th (!) in line, but already it has arrived within the week.

I LOVE my library.

This week we went to storytime and made a tremendous little piggie that kept Katie snorting for hours! LOL! And my girl has a knack of pulling the most incredible books off the shelf. She found a "Fancy Nancy" book and then (another bonus of storytime - you get first dibs on new books never before borrowed) a brand spanking new "Fancy Nancy" - there are several in the series - (see Katie's reading list below) Let me tell you it is a number one New York Times bestseller and we have discovered a new favourite. Like her "Pearlie" books, they are so refreshing and such a delight to read...."that is stupendous - a fancy word for great"!

My boy has also discovered a new series "S.W.A.T" - Secret World Adventure Team (see Hugh's reading list in the sidebar also) and he is currently "traveling" in Africa saving elephants!

Sorry Wen .... but .... I LOVE MY LIBRARY!


evanwick said...

Oh Helen! I am green with envy reading about your library. My mother-in-law and I were just talking about our library and when she first asked them if she could get on a list for new releases or hold books, they thought it was strange. They are doing it now though...Unfortunately they are not the friendly sort of library, but at least we can get books! :) Love the Fancy Nancy books too! Rosie's pre-school is having a book fair this week, so when she goes tomorrow, we'll be picking up something new!!

Take care and happy reading. Books are the best!

Wendy said...

Na Na Na...just rub it IN!!!!! I'm so glad someone enjoys their library...LOL...The new book sounds very interesting...want to take bets that my library does NOT have it!! LOL...Thanks HELEN!!

Jodie Redman said...

I really should make more use of the library. Which one do you go to? Will have to check out those Fancy Nancy books for Ella.

Leah. said...

I am so jealous!!! My library sucks! They never have any of the newest books, everything is hard to find and sometimes it takes weeks to get a book I order. You are very lucky!!!

Lenore Ryan said...

So glad that you have such a wonderful library! Sounds as if they really "do it up right"!! It's tough to get new books around here, too. But James fully uses the library at his school and loves it....he's always bringing home the coolest books! He already prefers non-fiction to ficton and has become addicted to any books about the Titanic!! I LOVE to see him so involved with reading!!!

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