Saturday, September 13, 2008

Spring has officially arrived and we could not be happier.

Last night the heater did not come on. Neither did it this morning. Woohoo spring has arrived. The days are staying lighter longer and with the exception of spring winds we could not be happier. But hey! Put my washing out and it dried in one day. The things that make me happy.

I have been playing with my camera - uh oh!. Go see my photo blog to check out these shots - April the star of this week's photo challenge.

The kids have had a blast today. Outside ALL day playing with the neighbours.
Oh yeah...and me playing as well *smile*


Wendy said...

Yea!! Love the beautiful flowers!! Awesome!! Sweet little April! Sunshine and warmth sure brightens things up!! Great photos Helen!

Val said...

I love your DD picture
whoua! this deserve a great LO


Jodie Redman said...

It was such a great day yesterday - I can't believe how it's turned today! I love that purple flower - gorgeous!

Leah said...

*sobbing* While you notice longer days and warmer temps, we are noticing quite the opposite!

Enjoy the beautiful weather you.

Nancy said...

spring already? your winters don't last that long do they? i sooo love that shot of alice, how cute is that! (it is alice right?)

Angie said...

I can always tell when Spring is coming to YOUR house. . . because autumn is coming to mine at the very same time! : )

mosbarger said...

Love that first picture- WOW!!! Well, I love them all!!! We are heading into Fall, which I love, but that means Winter is near...yuck!!! Time for colds (which I now have) and SCRAPPING (which I have been doing). Hope you enjoy your Season!!!!

evanwick said...

How pretty...I'm glad spring is coming your way!

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