Sunday, August 31, 2008

Photo Challenge #14 - Symmetry (whilst Sick in the Sunroom)

Having cared for Katie now see's me sick. Urgh! Unlike kids, I am not bouncing back so quickly. Friday I came home from work and got my pillow and lay in the sunroom as it was a lovely day - sort of outside without really being outside. I did not lift my head off that pillow all day and not much of the weekend either. I did look around though and found symmetry in my sunroom. Click here to check it out.


evanwick said...

OH NO!! I'm sorry to hear you are sick! I hope you are on the mend by now. Love the first photo and I'm off to check out the rest!


Jodie Redman said...

Sorry to hear you're not well - I am a bit the same at the moment. Hope you start improving soon. Missed you at the party this afternoon! Great symmetry photo - I haven't found any yet will have to get my thinking cap on in the next couple of days.

Wendy said...

My poor dear sweet friend!! I am glad you got some well deserved rest and some GREAT photos too! You rock!!

Helen M said...

Aw..poor Amiga! Hope you are now feeling better!xsnxybx

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