Saturday, August 09, 2008

Friday night at the Dragon Drum

Den walks in, "Fish n chips or Dragon Drum for dinner?" .....uuhhhh - duh!

Hugh took this shot! WTG Bub!

How do I keep my children quiet at restaurants? Pen and paper! And the Asian tea - Hugh LOVES it!
You know this post is for you Wen. You do bugs and critters, I do food and wine! Hhhmm...wonder what this says about us?


Leiko said...

**sigh** i envy your blogging skills. :) looove the photos. so much fun to see what you've been up to! hope your weekend is going great!!

evanwick said...

This looks like so much fun! I love going out to dinner!! and wine. (Our Friday night was at McDonald's, Topps - grocery store, and Walmart to get goodies for an upcoming camping trip---I wish it was at the Dragon Drum!)
Great post! Love the angle on the photos!

Nancy said...

great shot hugh!! an artist in the making!

Kami said...

Oh yum!!! Those pics are great, Helen!

Leah said...

I would feel self concious taking photos at a restaurant.. but I'm weird! LOL. I love that you do though.

BearFamily said...

Aww such a cute little note!


Wendy said...

YOU DAG!! You are a very cruel person showing me photos of that delicious food, ugh!! Yes I have my bugs and critters and you have your restaurant and food, lol!! Love these photos do such a terrific job and so does Hugh!!

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